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Ice Cream Delights to Beat the Summer Heat

26 Jun, 2023

There’s nothing more pleasurable than enjoying an ice cream in the midst of summer. Swap your big tub of frozen treat with some to-go options available at Harbour City, as you while away a sunny afternoon with plenty of summery flavors to choose from.

The stunning array of restaurants and cafes, quite literally offer everything under the sun – from everyone’s favorite classics like chocolate, to the love it or hate it durian, among others. You’re bound to find something that makes going through the scorching heat totally worthwhile.

Tea-riffic Choice

For those who don’t have a huge sweet-tooth but love the indulgence every once in a while, TEA MOMENT’s Tie Guan Yin soft serve is a godsend. The slight astringent tea flavor is balanced out by the velvety soft texture. On days that you yearn for something more filling, upgrade the experience with the addition of eggette. Topped with Fook Ming Tong’s tea powder, the ice cream gently melts onto the eggette to offer one sensational bite after another.

Golden Rays

The summer rays are hitting from all directions. Dressed in the most appetizing hue of yellow are two very different treats from Venchi. Let Lemon Delight transport you to the sunny shores of Italy. The tangy citrus notes of lemon gelato quench your thirst as you get your dessert fix. Appealing to perhaps a different crowd is arguably the most divisive fruit of durian. The Asia-exclusive, vegan-friendly Durian Sorbet encapsulates the unique aroma that invokes the love-hate relationship and guarantees a pleasant surprise for those who don’t want to settle with the classics.

Fruity Upgrade

The crowd-pleasing ice cream flavor of chocolate is joined by two fruity companions at ChocoNext. Banana Chocolate Ice Cream’s sweetness and decadent chocolate taste is certainly a classic combo, yet the Grapefruit Chocolate Ice Cream is also going to be a strong contender thanks to its uplifting zing that wakes up the senses like no others.

Rich Sensation

Like your chocolate ice cream just the way it is? GODIVA’s soft serve is here to please avid chocolate lovers. The light and airy texture paired with the richness of dark chocolate soft serve equals pure joy in a cone. When topped with chocolate shavings, the wholesome experience is next-level. Vanilla white chocolate and chocolate twist versions are also available, which are just as hard to resist as the GODIVA’s pralines that we all love.

Sharing is Caring

Share the joy with some grab-and-go options. From cups and cones to bars and sandwiches, 7-ELEVEN’s plethora of frozen desserts encompass different flavors and varieties so you can rest assured that there’s something to please every palate of the family. Think Häagen-Dazs Lemon Cream Parfait, Mt Waves Cha Jau Craft Milk Tea Gelato, and PABLO Peach & Cheese Sundae, to name a few.

Let’s cool down at one of these ice cream parlors as you scoop out your new favorite icy treats this summer.

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