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Ice Cream Dreams at Harbour City

30 Jul, 2018

Summer is in full force in Hong Kong. Temperatures are on the rise and so are ice cream cravings! Stay cool this summer and enjoy the vast selection of ice cream available at Harbour City. We’ve combined a list of sweet soft serve ice cream treats to help ease the summer heat.  

Originating from South Korea, Baekmidang only uses premium ingredients in their recipes and prides itself on using organic milk sourced from select certified organic farms. The Baekmidang Original Milk Ice Cream became a Seoul-phenomenon, known for its pure and delicious flavour drawing on the natural flavours of milk.

Popularized by its signature Hattendo Cream Buns, Hattendo is a Japanese bakery originating from Hiroshima, Japan. The beloved bakery was founded in 1933 by Kaoru Morimitsu who opened the bakery “to cheer people up.” Still maintaining this philosophy until today, Hattendo also happens to have some of the best Soft Milk Ice Cream in Hong Kong.

Baekmidang Original Milk Ice Cream
Hattendo Hokkaido Soft Milk Ice Cream

French culinary brand with a 300-year legacy of royal service, DALLOYAU, takes inspiration to present gorgeous chocolate soft serve ice-cream. DALLOYAU presents its decadent chocolate soft serve, made with top-notch ingredients and the finest chocolate. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try their Black Truffle Soft Serve.

Renowned Belgian Chocolatier, GODIVA, keeps things cool with its signature Chocolate Soft Serve, which is accompanied with delicious chocolate sauce, together with a crispy cone dusted with crunchy chocolate, topped with a signature GODIVA chocolate chip.

Japanese ice cream parlour i CREMERiA is another soft serve ice cream spot worth checking out. Known for its Instagram worthy Frutta Crema and Giapponese Crema, i CREMERiA also serves classic flavors including pure chocolate. Their chocolate is light, creamy, and well-balanced.

DALLOYAU’s Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream
Godiva Chocolate Soft Serve
i CREMERiA Pure Chocolate Classico Crema

Taste the ice cream of a French Michelin Starred Chef at Le Café de Joël Robuchon. Choose from a variety of perfected classics such as mango, dark chocolate, strawberry sorbet, and more, which they then beautifully craft into an ice cream flower. 

Le Café de Joël Robuchon Flower Ice Cream

For something a little different, try Ten Ren Tea’s Tieh Kuan Yin Soft Ice Cream. Not only does this Taiwanese tea shop make some of the best bubble tea in the city, but they also serve delicious tea flavored soft serve ice cream.

For the matcha fans, UJI-EN offers authentic matcha soft serve ice cream. UJI-EN only uses Japan’s finest matcha, sourced from Uji, a city north of Kyoto. UJI-EN’s soft ice cream has the perfect balance between tannic matcha and rich Japanese Hokkaido milk flavors.

Sweets House Cha Cha is another Japanese confectionary spot serving a selection of soft serve ice cream using the finest Japanese ingredients. Choose from their classic flavors such as Hokkaido Milk which uses premium 3.6 Hokkaido Milk or Uji Matcha sourced from Kyoto. If you can’t decide, order the twist, which has a combination of both flavors.

Ten Ren Tea Tieh Kuan Yin Soft Ice Cream
UJI-EN Matcha Soft Ice Cream
Sweets House Cha Cha Uji Matcha Softcream
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