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Baked Indulgence announces its new pop-up store at Harbour City from now till 1 Dec 2021, bringing a wider selection of delectable offerings, including new cookie flavours, cake delights and a selection of drinks.


With the launch of the Harbour City pop up store, Baked Indulgence is also delighted to announce a collaboration with actress Grace Chan. As a dessert fan herself, she once stumbled upon the brand and it has been a try-once-and-love-forever for her – indulged by its unique soft and chewy, melt-in-your-mouth cookies that is extremely rare on the market, Grace connected with the brand through a mutual friend, which resulted in the initialization of a wonderful collaboration.

Apart from the bestsellers, namely classic dark chocolate, red velvet Nutella, matcha and hojicha mochi, Baked Indulgence will be launching at the pop-up store an array of new flavours curated together with Grace, offering yet another sweet tasting experience with a dash of imaginative awesomeness.

New offerings include the Neapolitan cookie, a combination of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, inspired by Grace Chan’s childhood favourite ice cream. The magic of the childhood snack Meiji Apollo Strawberry chocolate is also carried over into the adult world with the indulgent “PinkBlack” cookie, a tantalizing chocolate cookie with strawberry filling. Also new is the inventive special flavour “Cheese Tea”, inspired by Hong Kong’s popular cheese-milk foam tea drink, a limited-edition only available on the first week of launch.

Curated by Grace, the limited-edition creamy and comforting Lemon Bar brings a hint of citrus freshness. The sweet escape is not complete without tasting a genuine cake – the lusciously rich Neapolitan cake, Baked Indulgence’s first-ever official full cake, will be launched.

Baked Indulgence is also proud to serve a selection of drinks handcrafted by a local brand, namely Latte, Mocha, Cold Brew, Roasted London Fog and Matcha Latte, especially chosen to be the perfect match to their sweet offerings.

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