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For ba&sh, fall/winter 2021-2022 rings out as the season of freedom. It’s the moment to rediscover, affirm and reveal yourself… In other words, to become what you want to be by breaking away from norms, limitations and prejudices. Each of us should do what we want and say what we want. And dress the way we like, to reflect our singular nature and creativity.

To invent a radiant future, ba&sh draws inspiration from the freest decades of recent history: the outrageously emancipating and joyful 70s and 80s. This season’s wardrobe gives them a cheeky wink here and there with a color-block anorak, a vintage print, a slightly retro jean cut… The collection also celebrates freedom of movement with functional and ultra-comfortable pieces designed for new urban nomads.

More than ever, ba&sh fashion suggests instead of imposing. It delivers style and allure, of course, but – above all – it boosts confidence and emphasizes your personality. Conformism is no longer in fashion. Authenticity is.


New habits, new desires, new wardrobe! It’s time to rethink daily life and change your perspective on your urban existence.

The ba&sh silhouette adapts to new uses, especially micro-mobility, linked to eco-responsibility. This extremely functional collection is designed for the movement of day-today life. But it is just as creative and striking as ever, filled with singular and uncompromising pieces, such as a pajama-suit or a versatile skirt that can also be worn as a bustier dress.

ba&sh dreams up amazing unions of colors and motifs, as well as bold volume effects. In a palette of vibrant shades (particularly blues and oranges), the mini responds to the maxi, the oversized to the fitted. Powerful patterns punctuate looks mixing sweatshirts and wide jeans with an 80s feel, a new version of overalls, a knit bustier, a revamped trench coat, a parka, belted trousers and an incredibly light anorak that’s easy to carry with you wherever you go…


In a new chapter of the collection, ba&sh celebrates not only the joy of living, but the joy of “living together.” An ode to friendship, sorority, the collective energy of sisterhoods… What could be more comforting than a wonderful moment with your tribe?

This feel-good spirit paves the way for a versatile wardrobe that’s easy to wear on a daily basis. All of the pieces can be mixed and matched exactly as you wish, without a faux pas in sight. For worry-free dressing.


The last part of this ultra-positive collection is made to boost self-confidence and give each woman the strength to make her wildest and most ambitious dreams come true. With this power wardrobe, ba&sh encourages women to express their individuality and uniqueness. Giving them allure and confidence at the same time.

Statement pieces are no longer reserved for special occasions: they spice up daily life. Metallic skirts, extra-pigmented dresses and sparkly jackets catch the eye and accentuate the originality of the women who dare to wear them.

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