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Work from home during weekdays and me-time over the weekends. Making sure your living space smells amazing truly makes a difference. From florals and citrus to modest woody scents, Harbour City is where you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to home fragrances. Pair them with the perfume ancillaries such as lotion and room sprays to expand your collection.



Blooming flowers make a romantic springtime backdrop. Floral scents are perfect for those who yearn for that breezy stroll in a garden.

The purity of sakura – or cherry blossoms symbolizes hope and romantic love. It is also the inspiration behind Italian label ACCA KAPPA’s Sakura Tokyo Home Diffuser. The floral heart notes of cherry blossoms instantly transform your living room to a cherry sight of pastel-pink treetops in Japan. Pair that with the Sakura Tokyo Eau de Parfum so you can be enveloped by the sweet scent all day.

Before we can once again hop on a jet plane and go for a relaxing Mediterranean holiday, Jo Malone London’s Silk Blossom Scent Surround™ Diffuser and Cologne are probably the closest scented escape your heart desires. Embrace the carefree summer of southern Italy as you soak in the sweetness of apricot, powdery soft heliotrope and fresh moss.


The gentle warmth of woody fragrances smells clean and slightly mysterious. Thanks to the calming ambiance it lends to any space, the unisex scent is becoming a popular pick.

Originated in Stockholm, BYREDO’s gaining popularity doesn’t stop at its simplistic packaging and contemporary branding. Its scented candle collection brings the brand’s multi-faceted fragrance offerings to the home for an ultimate olfactory experience. If you gravitate towards the heady mix of cedarwood, guaiac wood, leather, and sandalwood of the TREEHOUSE Candle,  you’re probably going to love the Mojave Ghost Hand Lotion too.

The sensuous charm of woody scents appeals to both men and women. The Oud Wood Collection by Tom Ford is loved by the ladies and is South Korean actor Hyun Bin’s go-to scent too.

The evoking scent resembles an incense-filled temple to wake our souls with rare oud, sandalwood, rosewood mixed with sensual amber and spices from the East. Immerse in the exotic experience with the collection’s shower gel, candle, and lotion.

Wind down at night with RITUALS’ best-kept secret to inner peace. The Ritual of Jing is inspired by the ancient Chinese concept of Jing, representing calmness, stillness and tranquility. Start your bedtime routine by lighting up the Massage Candle. The relaxing blend of jujube and sacred lotus pairs well with the soft dancing light to relax you for a night of restful sleep. Enhance the experience also, with the fragrance sticks and pillow sprays to wake up feeling completely refreshed.


The citrusy kick is a match made in heaven for the energetic souls. Bright and bold, the citrus whiffs deserve all the spotlight in your contemporary living.

Atelier Cologne’s Clémentine California and Orange Sanguine are two inviting candles to shine like the glorious summer rays. Both invigorating creations are here to evoke the soulful worlds of exotic destinations.

From the windswept shore in Malibu to the balcony overlooking Tuscany’s spanning vineyards, both scents compose a compelling medley with the Oolang Infini Cologne Absolue, which is infused with a subtle tea accord of oolang in the heart of the fruity notes of bergamot.

Those who are on a mission to curate a luxury home should have their eyes peeled for MEMO PARIS. Each scented candle is housed in a tea set made with delicate porcelain gold-gilded by hand in France.

Breathe in the wafting grapefruit from Inlé as you dive into the world of Alice in Wonderland led by the myriad of motifs decorating the tea cup and egg cups sets, mugs and teapot, which offer you a luxurious tea service once the candle is consumed.

Complete the whimsical adventure with the newly launched hair perfumes, which envelop the hair with a delicately scented veil while keeping your strands moisturized throughout the day.

Quality time spent at home is now more important than ever. Elevate your me-time with a sheer bliss of delightful scent created for both your mind and body.

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