“Me-Time” is a form of self-care that everyone could benefit from, especially during these times. Self-care can come in many forms, but it’s defined as the practice of taking an active role to preserve, protect, or improve one’s mental health and happiness. It can be a moment of reflection or a meditative moment, allowing you to feel relaxed and calm. It can also feel empowering and boost self-confidence as well as one’s overall emotional well-being. Me-time can be relished in many ways such as going for hikes, getting a massage, or pampering yourself at home. We find that the simplest way to enjoy 1-on-1 time quality time with one’s self is through individual dining. We’ve come up with a list of places where you can do a little soul searching while eating solo.

A table for one is very common in Japan and is increasingly considered the norm. Many Japanese restaurants are designed to make solo diners feel comfortable. Purposefully simplistic menus and bar seating oftentimes are catered for people looking to enjoy their meal on their own. “Kaiten-zushi” which translates to “rotational sushi” is a great example.

Sit next to the sushi bar at sen-ryo and let the food come to you! Snag your favorite pieces of nigiri and sashimi right off the conveyor belt or opt for made-to-order handrolls and appetizers. There are a plethora of seafood options and everyone seems to have their go-to preferences. This is your time to be shellfish.

Ramen shops are a great option for ramen-iscing in one’s thoughts. Harbour City is home to many famous ramen brands originating in Japan including Tsuta, Ebisoba Ichigen, and Menya Itto. For the fanatics, Tsuta is the world’s first-ever Michelin-starred ramen restaurant in 2015. Originating in Tokyo, Tsuta’s award-winning Shoyu broth is made with a combination of whole chickens, a variety of seafood, and three different types of soy sauce, all simmered together for a minimum of nine hours. To finish, Tsuta adds a dollop of truffle sauce at the last second.

Savor Ebisoba Ichigen’s shrimply delicious and fragrant shrimp broth which is prepared fresh every day by simmering sweet shrimp heads for hours. Be present and appreciate the amount of dedication that goes into preparing ramen while staring off into Harbour City’s incredible skyline with a calm mind.

If you’re more of a Tsukemen fan (dipping noodles), have a ramen-tic meal with yourself at Menya Itto, recognized as a tsukemen specialist. Menya Itto’s signature broth is made from a combination of chicken, chicken bones, a variety of dried fish, and scallops, prepared for over 72 hours.

If your interests lay in fashion or food, [email protected] and J.S. FOODIES are places where you’ll find solitude while admiring great design and wholesome food.

The interior at [email protected] is very Insta-friendly, minimal yet beautifully designed with all marble and granite everything. The menu is curated with nostalgic dishes from around the globe such as classic American milkshakes, Korean Bibimbap, Italian Beef Lasagna, and Moroccan Lamb.

JOURNAL STANDARD’s J.S. FOODIES is also perfect for capturing content while enjoying West Coast-style American classics. Snap close up of their juicy burgers and Instagrammable fluffy pancakes. As an added bonus, there are dishes that were exclusively created by J.S. FOODIES’ culinary team for Harbour City including the fluffy and savory Egg Benedict Soufflé Pancake, taking Flipper’s Kiseki Pancake to the next level. For our vegan friends, an Impossible™ burger option is also available.

Speaking of burgers, New York City burger chain Shake Shack finally opened its first Kowloon location at Harbour City. The Shack is parked right next to the stunning Victoria Harbour. Grab a front-row seat next to the waterfront and take a moment to appreciate the view while sinking your teeth into one of Shake Shack’s famous Shack Burgers and crinkle-cut fries. If you still have room for dessert, indulge in the Mango Shake or the Mango By the Harbour Concrete, both exclusively available at Harbour City.

If you’re looking to unwind, take a quick “getaway” to Barcelona and enjoy some of Reserva Iberica’s all-day tapas and renowned 100% Jamon Iberico de Bellota. Tapas are a great way to try more menu items without feeling overindulgent or glutinous. Taste of a little bit of everything while sipping on Reserva Ibérica’s Sangria! Choose from Galician-style octopus, jamón breadsticks, longanizas (smoked sausage coils), jamón & manchego bocadillo, and more.

Solo dining can be your time to temporarily escape from reality and process thoughts. Remember to be present, mindful, and appreciate the moments you have to yourself.


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