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Bottega Veneta’s Harbour City location in Hong Kong has reopened with new architectural features and an expanded offering.

The Harbour City store was designed and developed around a pallet of materials from the Veneto region. Bottega Veneta’s identity is not only reflected in the furniture, but throughout the space, creating its uniquely warm atmosphere. Details include handmade white clay tiles from Veneto, hand-cast Murano glass, use of concrete and soft gold brass, and a blue marble with figurative white veins, reminiscent of the moving waters of Venice.

Craft in motion is a concept integral to Creative Director Matthieu Blazy. Materials throughout the store are used playfully, with shapes growing out of the tiled floor, rising to create table bases or shelving. Secondary patterns are layered into the floor, suggesting motion with ripples in the tiles.

Harbour City is the flagship store of Hong Kong, with extensive categories including leather goods, jewellery, accessories, ready-to-wear, shoes, and eyewear.

Fala Chen and Louise Wong were present at the reopening event of Bottega Veneta’s flagship in Harbour City.

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