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The creations to be displayed are rooted in the Buccellati family’s history. They are symbolic of the stylistic evolution of the Maison, which has always upheld exceptional standards and unerring loyalty to its own DNA.

The items of jewelry selected, dating from the Forties to the Nineties, have real cult status. This is due not only to the level of craftsmanship used to produce the pieces, but also the culture and customs of their associated periods.

The Vintage collection is the result of a delicate and careful operation to build on the brand’s creative heritage.Over the past few years, a painstaking study and research effort has seen more than 20,000 original drawings, 500 molds and over 6,000 photographs archived. All of this has made the Vintage collection, as a testament to and symbol of Buccellati’s unique artistry, a reality.

Each creation featured in the collection will be kept in its very own period case, where this exists. Otherwise, a specially designed case to reproduce the style of the original will be used. Each piece will also come with a certificate of guarantee, which will include an image of the actual product and copy of its original design.

All of the products in the Vintage collection will be available for purchase at selected boutiques around the world (Milan, Rome, Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles). Buccellati Vintage Ambassadors will also be on hand to reveal features, secrets and previously unheard details about each piece.

The Vintage collection is more than just a collection. It aspires to be a real experience that immerses seasoned Buccellati style connoisseurs and more recent converts into the Maison’s artistic past.

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