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An indulgent burger is one of the most popular comfort foods among local patrons. Juicy and satisfying, a perfectly cooked patty is so versatile that any foodie is bound to have their heart set on one. All housed under the gourmet hub of Harbour City, these 7 burgers are going to leave the most discerning ones asking for more – from a classic beef burger to a healthy green burger, and everything in between.

Champion-Worthy Beef Burgers

Make your first pitstop Honbo’s first-ever establishment in Kowloon, where the nostalgically American diner setting pops against the stunning backdrop of Victoria Harbour.

Crowned as one of the World’s Best Burgers by Bloomberg, Honbo is where one can find the signature Honbo and the tempting Cheese Burger. Two perfectly cooked USDA Double Gold Standard beef patties are met with such classic adornments as cheese, pickles, onion, and lettuce. Topped with the house sauce as the most magical touch, the simple combo is instantly elevated. Chase your meal with chilli fries and an apple pie iced tea for the full experience!

If the classic diner vibe has woken your senses for yet another authentic American burger, look no further than Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill.

As the restaurant cranks up the Southern heat, let the Southwest Burger stand out among the rest of the American favorites on the menu. The 8oz e USDA Choice beef burger patty is topped with fire roasted red chilis, smashed avocado, Pepper Jack cheese and spicy chipotle mayo for an exotic kick. Fresh dill pickle and Chicago coleslaw are some welcoming touches to tone the heat down a notch. Complete the meal with the choice of some straight-cut fries, or a slightly healthier alternative – sweet potato fries, which are just as satisfying.

Punchy Pork Burger

Don’t let beef burgers limit your gastronomic arena. So many establishments nowadays are serving up a spectrum of burgers to tempt you to venture out and start exploring.

Make it count and go for Reserva Ibérica’s Sous-vide Ibérico Pork Burger with Fries & Chipotle Aioli. The pork patty is slow cooked to lock in all the moisture so the temperature is nailed perfectly. The hefty cut is packed with flavors and the chipotle aioli adds a punchy kick to finish it off.

While the restaurant is best known for its finest Spanish Iberico ham, all made from 100% acorn-fed, black Iberian pigs, the contemporary take of a pork burger definitely lends a refreshing touch to the menu.

Upscaled Chicken Sandwiches 

Combining two crowd-pleasers of fried chicken and a burger in one, Shake Shack’s Chicken Shack® is proven to be one of the best-sellers of the New York based burger joint.

The fried chicken breast is slow-cooked in a buttermilk marinade to ensure it’s crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The contrasting texture with the buns is then further enhanced by shredded lettuce, pickles, and the tangy buttermilk herb mayo. Complete the experience with a signature milkshake and crinkle-cut fries.

Oceanic Freshness

If you’d like to take a little departure from the meaty options but still want to satisfy that burger craving of yours, consider these with the spotlight on seafood.

Hidden in the gluten-free specialty cafe Infiniti C, the Gluten Free Low Carbs Avocado Burger with Crab Meats is definitely a pleasant surprise. Swapping the regular burger buns with organic avocado, the burger has been declared by the less carb-inclined as a healthier alternative. The creamy texture of the avocado also melts with the fresh crab meat, arugula, and house marinated Italian styled purple onion like a dream.

The savory-sweet taste is not the only reason why so many seafood lovers are drawn to crab meat, another serious contender is soft shell crab.

Dive right into the Signature Soft Shell Crab & Wagyu Burger served up by Lady Nara. The deep-fried soft shell crab’s umami flavor combines with the richness of Wagyu beef patty to create a medley of flavors on your palate.

Just like the rest of the items on the menu, the contemporary Thai-inspired twist is what makes the creation extra interesting – think tom yum mayo and sweet & sour chicken sauce, which balance the flavor profile to leave a compelling result of an exotic surf-and-turf in the form of a burger.

Guilt-Free Option

For the vegan foodies and health-conscious burger lovers alike, Green Common has got you covered too. Don’t miss out on the Beyond Burger Deluxe, which offers just as much of a comforting treat minus the guilt.

It is made of premium vegan buns, Follow Your Heart vegan mayo with black truffle, fried shiitake mushrooms and rocket leaves for the crunch. Eggs- and dairy-free, the patty is seasoned and formed to resemble a traditional meat one with other plant-based ingredients elevating the mouthfeel.

Whether you gravitate towards the more traditional options or try to adopt a flexitarian diet to reduce carbon footprint, these burger offerings are going to be satiating treats to reward yourself every now and then.

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