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Charcoal Bar, Seafood and Grill Menu Specializing in Wood and Charcoal Grilling

29 Feb, 2024

Under the deft hands of two-Michelin-starred Executive Chef Bjoern Alexander, LUBUDS® Group’s all-new charcoal grill concept Charcoal Bar is transforming the primal art of open-fire cooking into a sublime seafood and grill feast for discerning diners and connoisseurs of fine gourmet. Opening along the waterfront sidewalk of Ocean Terminal in Harbour City, Charcoal Bar announces its arrival with a sizzling menu that specializes in smoking supreme cuts of imported aged meat and fresh seafood over charcoal and wood flames. Deviating from Chef Bjoern’s usual fine dining format, Charcoal Bar offers a more approachable and laid-back dining experience while still retaining modern, chic sensibilities. Bringing his cheerful and fun-loving personality to the restaurant, Chef Bjoern invites guests to partake in a convivial grilling experience, where the bustling open kitchen, flaming live fire grills, and welcoming team of staff take guests on a theatrical and immersive dining journey.

An Ode to the Primal Art of Live Fire Cooking

The culinary world is no stranger to the ancient tradition of live-fire cooking—the enigmatic spell of smoky aromas and imitable depth of flavor have long captured the hearts and palates of gourmets. And yet, with a careful selection of ingredients, a thorough understanding of meat science and flavors, and technique in mastering the heat source, the potential of live fire grilling is boundless. Under the leadership of two-Michelin-starred Chef Bjoern Alexander, Charcoal Bar sources premium steaks and seafood both in Hong Kong and globally from Australia, the United States, and Japan, and pays detailed attention to the properties of different types of charcoal and wood fuel—such as lychee wood and almond wood—to provide an unrivaled grilling experience. Chef Bjoern takes it a step further by weaving Asian culinary influences into the menu as well. Using Hong Kong and Asian ingredients such as eel and local yellow chicken and applying traditional Western grilling techniques, the menu takes diners on a novel culinary exploration.

Land & Sea Specialties Fresh From The Grill

At the heart of the kitchen bringing everything to life is the combination of a specialized open wood-fired grill as well as the Josper grill, a state-of-the-art Spanish oven-grill hybrid that delivers intense charred flavors and enables greater heat control and precision cooking over charcoal. With them, Chef Bjoern has curated a line-up of fresh-from-the-grill specialties that span land and sea. Sink your teeth into a range of the finest steak cuts including the Sirloin, US Choice Brandt Beef and Lychee Wood Smoked Op Rib (for 2 pax), cooked to perfection with the Josper grill to retain the juicy flavor of the richly marbled, buttery cut while achieving the full flavor from the embers of lychee wood.

Meanwhile, gastronomic delicacies of the sea equally take center stage. Tuck into the Charcoal Grilled Eel, paired with garlic, parsley, and lemon, or various grilled fish like the Charcoal Grilled Cod Fish, ½ Turbot. Those fond of succulent crustaceans also satisfy their cravings with the signature Lychee Wood Whole Grilled Jumbo Tiger Prawn, the Japanese King Crab Leg with ginger and ponzu butter, and the Boston Lobster with chili butter crust.

All specialties from the wood-fired grill are made on-demand and require 20-30 minutes of preparation time. They are served with a choice of housemade sauce from a selection of four, allowing diners to customize their meal according to their preferences. The tangy Horseradish Cream and 5 Peppercorn au Poivre are ideal for a kick of heat, the Coriander Chimichurri offers a bright, herbaceous punch of flavor, while the Brown Butter Buerre Noisette makes for compelling creamy sauce options. Flame-kissed Sides including Wood Fired Ratte Potatoes, Charred Broccolini, and Roasted Garlic can also be tacked on for an additional price.

A Wide-Ranging Trove of Gourmet Accompaniments

Elsewhere on the menu, thoughtful small bites, rice and pasta, and tempting desserts make for the perfect accompaniments to the sizzling meaty and seafood specialties. The must-try Small Bites are the Grilled Oyster, smoked with tangy yuzu koshu butter and ponzu, as well as the Uni Toast, a luxurious layering of fresh, creamy uni, wagyu beef carpaccio, and truffle aioli on top of crispy toast. For a soul-warming carb dish, look no further than the Crispy Rice Cake, made with goose sausage, parmesan cheese, premium Acquerello rice, as well as Chinese sausage from I Ho Yuan, a half-century-old Hong Kong brand specializing in traditional handcrafted local food products. The Tomato Salad is a refreshing change to the palate amidst the heartier meat-centric fare. Sweet, refreshing heirloom tomatoes are contrasted against the flame-touched goodness of the creamy smoked stracciatella and enlivened with fresh basil and garlic vinaigrette.

No feast is complete without a sweet finale. Chef Bjoern graces the sizzling touch of the open-fire grill even onto Charcoal Bar’s desserts. The signature Charred Pineapple is elevated with a tantalizing charcoal-burned finish; the pineapple is diced and grilled with white rum, paired with coconut ice cream and coconut vanilla cream, and then topped with a meringue, invoking a taste of tropical paradise with every bite. Other tempting desserts include Chocolate Lava Cake, Baked Alaska with passionfruit and hazelnut, and Meyer Lemon Tart, leveled up with a spicy kick of chili powder dusted on top of the meringue.

In addition to the à la carte menu, Charcoal Bar also serves up a value-for-money 2-Course Lunch Set menu, which includes a starter or a soup, one set drink, and your choice of main, with options ranging from Baby Gem Caesar Salad and Mini Burger (2pcs) with Chef’s Salad to Lychee Wood Smoked Argentine Angus Filet Mignon, Boston Lobster Tail, and more. Sides and desserts can be added on for an additional price to pair with your meal.

Behind the Grill: Two-Michelin-Starred Executive Chef Bjoern Alexander

Two-Michelin Starred Executive Chef Bjoern Alexander returns to Hong Kong after a brief interlude abroad to expand his business in Singapore, and is now transforming the grill into a stage for culinary masterpieces at Charcoal Bar. Having previously collaborated with LUBUDS® Group at LUMA as a celebrity guest chef, Chef Bjoern deeply resonates with the Group’s mission to nurture local talents and bring continual inspiration to Hong Kong’s culinary scene. He is eager to partner with LUBUDS® once again at Charcoal Bar, unlocking new potential for live fire grilling and offering a refined yet lively and relaxed dining experience.

The distinguished German-born chef boasts extensive experience garnered from working in Michelin-grade restaurants around the world. Known for his ability to blend classic culinary techniques with innovative ideas, Chef Bjoern has earned an international reputation for his creative approach to cooking. In 2020, he joined Octavium and successfully led the culinary team to secure two Michelin stars for the restaurant. Prior to that, he made a significant impact on Restaurant Petrus, which garnered a Michelin Star within a mere five months of its opening. Before taking his culinary skills to Hong Kong, he served as Chef de Cuisine at Al Muntaha, located within the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. Currently, Chef Bjoern splits his time between running his restaurant MATERA in Singapore and leading kitchen operations at Charcoal Bar in Hong Kong.

Dine in Cozy Elegance at Charcoal Bar

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Victoria Harbour, Charcoal Bar occupies a modern space that bespeaks elegance and comfort. Diners are greeted by a warm, gracious environment upon entering the restaurant, which sets the stage for a relaxed yet refined dining experience. Drawing from the natural elements of its cuisine, the restaurant’s aesthetic design comprises a clean, neutral color palette, wooden furnishing, and cozy leather banquettes. The rustic elements are balanced by a sense of grandeur supplied by copper accents and floor-to-ceiling windows that perfectly frame the view of the harbor.

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