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Jewelry stacking takes over social media by storm recently. Perfectly coordinated jewelry accessorizes any outfit and adds visual interest to your overall look. If you’re looking for the next shiny piece to join your collection, look no further than Harbour City, where both time-honored brands and lesser known hidden gems converge. We’re also going to share our best-kept secret so you can master the jewelry layering trend effortlessly!

Clash of fun

Since its debut in 2004, the Quatre Collection has joined the BOUCHERON family as one of the most highly sought-after ranges. Among the stunning selections, our eyes are on the Quatre Classique Single Clip Earring. Set with nine round pavé diamonds, it embraces the codes of the collection with a Grosgrain ring – which derived from the Maison’s haute couture legacy, a Clou de Paris line, and a Double Godron to enrich the piece with a mix of metals and textures.

Sleek simplicity

If you’re after the mix-and-match trends as much as we do, amp it up with Gucci Link to Love. Clean geometric lines take center stage here and are meticulously crafted in three shades of gold – yellow, white, and pink.

The octagonal shape of the rings symbolizes the number eight as a symbol of infinity. It also allows for a stylish stacking game so you won’t have to choose among the three shades.

Make it double

The Move Collection by French jewelry Messika is a play on contemporary lines. The Move Romane Ring, for one, is a double-band creation that contrasts a thin row of diamonds with a bolder band for maximum impact.

At the junction point, three moving diamonds are encrusted to embody the eternal love of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Rainbow radiance

Italian fashion fine jeweler Pomellato is known for its innovative stone cutting and setting techniques. This summer, the NUDO Collection by Pomellato is all about the naked splendor of colorful gems. Each of the sorbet shades introduces a unique sense of playfulness to the mix and reminds one of a summer poolside party.

Oriental charm

Sparkling diamonds are not the only attention-grabbing gems. As the Chinese proverb goes, “Gold has value, but jade is priceless,” jade for centuries, is revered as the most precious gemstone in Chinese culture. It is also one of Qeelin’s hero collections this season.

Featured across the Petite Yu Yi Collection, in the forms of necklace, bracelet, and rings in 18K rose gold. Yu yi, in Chinese, also conveys the message of “wishes come true,” making the collection such perfect keepsakes.

The classic Wulu Collection, on the other hand, stands out with its large pendant design in 18K white gold, while nodding to the timeless Chinese element simultaneously.

Stack it up

Incorporate your new found gems with your treasured collections to create a whole different look. While there is no right or wrong when it comes to expressing your personality, some tried-and-true pro tips for layering different pieces won’t hurt.

As a rule of thumb, balancing is key. Instead of piling on the jewels, try to juxtapose a chunkier statement piece with a daintier pick to ensure there is some space in between. On the same note, play around with chains that fall into different lengths. For instance, a choker-style necklace can be paired with a longer drop to add harmony to the neckline.

Mixing metals has once been considered a fashion faux pas, but is now commonplace. Go for metals that complement the undertone of your skin. For those with a sun-kissed complexion, yellow gold and rose gold would look so flattering, while silver and white gold complement those with a cooler undertone. Balance it out with the number of warm and cool toned metals to avoid looking too jarring.

Be bold! Play around with different combinations of textures and stones to look your sparkling best, and most of all – have fun. It’s fashion after all.

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