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3 New Vegan Fragrances from Chloé Atelier des fleurs

18 Oct, 2021


At the Chloé Atelier des fleurs, you compose your personalized fragrance the same way you select your favourite blossoms to create a bouquet at a flower shop. Each perfume in the collection asserts a single floral, aromatic or woody scent. Thus, they can be worn on their own like a corsage or blended to compose endless combinations.

The collection, already comprising twelve fragrances, makes way for three new scents created by some of the greatest names in perfumery. These inspired perfumers drew on their olfactory memories to compose unique aromatic interpretations of their favourite flowers.

Since its launch, Atelier des fleurs has exemplified Chloé’s pursuit of natural ingredients and authenticity through botanical names and plant-based ingredients. The story continues today in the same spirit. Formulated in full transparency, the three new scents constitute a breakthrough: they are 100% natural origin fragrances, their flowers (Ylang-ylang, Narcissus and Iris) are responsibly grown, and their packaging has been redesigned with a reduced environmental impact.


Distinctive for its unique approach to luxury perfumes, Maison Chloé unveils three new, 100% natural origin fragrances. Their compositions are truly remarkable considering the very limited palette available to the perfumer when exclusively restricted to all-natural origin ingredients. Formulated with 100% natural origin fragrance, naturally derived alcohol*, and water Narcissus Poeticus, Iris and Ylang Cananga are vegan Eaux de Parfum. They contain no filters or artificial colourings, solely lavish materials selected with exquisite care.

These three new creations are presented in the pleated glass bottle emblematic of Atelier des fleurs. The only difference is the label, now in a verdigris inspired by the plant world.

While the allure remains unchanged, the materials have evolved. The bottle and box are partially made with recycled materials (10% and 40% respectively). Moreover, Chloé has relinquished the hot foil stamping of its labels in favour of an eco-friendlier printing method.

*denatured alcohol



By Philippine Courtière

Fresh and slightly powdery, Narcissus Poeticus is a joyful memory of springtime delight.

As far as Philippine Courtière can remember, the narcissus is the first flower that she fell in love with.

The love story dates back to her childhood, when she would stroll along the paths of the Jardin du Luxembourg with her grandmother and gather little bouquets of the delicately, honey-scented flower.

Our Narcissus is gathered in France in a way that contributes to a more ethical, more sustainable cultivation.

By Steve Guo

It was in Morocco, amidst the Atlas Mountains, that Steve Guo discovered the beauty and complexity of the scent of Iris. This unique plant is a sun-worshiper that dots the mountain slopes and highlands with its blue-violet hue.

Once the plant is gathered, its roots are dried for several months in large jute bags, releasing soft, captivating emanations. Its memorable scent left such an impression on the perfumer that he wished to interpret it with an incomparable perfume.

Our Iris is gathered in Morocco in a way that contributes to a more ethical, more sustainable cultivation.

By Serge de Oliveira

There is a treasure to be found on the island of Nosy Be in Madagascar: fields of Ylang Ylang as far as the eye can see. Serge de Oliveira remembers the scent particularly well. In a cheerful family atmosphere, flower gatherers pluck flowers by hand, one by one. They move so precisely, lithely and rhythmically that they almost appear to be dancing. Each one drops Ylang-ylang flowers into their basket, unleashing the incomparable fragrance that inspired the perfumer to create this sensuous, smooth, sunny fragrance.

Our Ylang-ylang is gathered in Madagascar in a way that contributes to a more ethical, more sustainable cultivation.