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Chloé Atelier des Fleurs exemplified Chloé’s pursuit of natural ingredients and​ authenticity through botanical names and plant-based ingredients. the entire collection of 15 fragrances created by some of the greatest names in perfumery will be exhibited and brings you into chloé’s artistry aromatic worlds with olfactory memories.​

​Come and join us for the opening of Chloé Atelier des Fleurs store at Harbour City, and discover the atelier des fleurs exclusive experience in boutique. ​


Fresh flowers with extraordinary fragrances.
Leaves with aromatic and woody accents.
A thousand and one bouquets…
Welcome to the Chloé floral workshop.

The House of Chloé unveils a collection of 15 fragrances like the secret creations of a dream workshop. 15 fragrances with names that express floral, aromatic or woody notes, 15 fragrances that live in harmony, in pairs or in threes, composed with natural ingredients.

Each fragrance has its own signature… To bring this collection to life, Chloé invited renowned perfumers to choose their favorite flower plant or the heart of an exclusive fragrance and share the unique story that binds them.

Childhood memories, travel recollections, reminiscences of places or moments that marked their lives… These talented perfumers drew upon their olfactory memories to create these personal, not to say intimate, fragrances steeped in authenticity for Chloé.


Pure lines. Refined details. Subtle sophistication. The full spirit of the collection is reflected in a bottle that celebrates the timeless elegance of simplicity.

This pleated glass bottle is topped with an ivory stopper that appears carved in stone. The neckband and trim of its beige label are strewn with gold. The original color of each fragrance shines through naturally, without artifice.

The new fragrances are each available in two sizes (50 ml and 150 ml) for each fragrance, to facilitate the creation of custom olfactory combinations. The luxury of a tailored experience.


Some love single-flower bouquets, while others prefer multi-colored creations.

Just as you choose your favorite flowers at the florist’s, you compose your personalized bouquet in the Chloé Atelier des Fleurs collection: The fragrances are designed to work in harmony in endless combinations.

A main flower can be joined by one, two or three others… Each new fragrance adds its distinctive facets: green or spicy, fresh or honeyed, musky or powdery… Play with any composition imaginable until you achieve the ideal bouquet, just for you. The perfect accord, the unique accord.

A flower, a perfumer, a story…

By Quentin Bisch

A fragrance of shadow and light aroused by Quentin Bisch’s desire to capture the childhood vision of his mother walking from the heat of the garden into the cool shade of the house, a sprig of lavender in her arms. Quentin Bisch revisits this note with a highly modern twist, while enhancing every facet of Provencal lavender from aromatic freshness to sun-drenched fullness.

By Sidonie Lancesseur

For this interpretation of neroli, Sidonie Lancesseur let the memory of a trip to Seville be her guide: the orange blossoms exuded smooth and deliciously refreshing scents warmed by the sun. Neroli takes us on a true olfactory journey with lightly honeyed, comforting and addictive floral accents.

By Louise Turner

A captivating fragrance with a heart of the fresh, almost creamy scent of magnolia petals that recalls the promise of sunny days in Louise Turner’s native England. To create this fragrance, Louise Turner transcribed the smooth, plump and slightly lemony notes of magnolia blossoms in spring.

By Quentin Bisch

Behind this fragrance of woody, balsam and smoky scents lies the memory of a playful lover’s gift: a bouquet of branches that Quentin Bisch’s father gave to his mother when he was a child. It brings a tender and subtle elegance to the olfactory bouquet if given a minor role, or a warm and musky quality if it takes the lead.

By Serge de Oliveira

There is a treasure to be found on the island of Nosy Be in Madagascar: fields of Ylang Ylang as far as the eye can see. Serge de Oliveira remembers the scent particularly well. In a cheerful family atmosphere, flower gatherers pluck flowers by hand, one by one. They move so precisely, lithely and rhythmically that they almost appear to be dancing. Each one drops Ylang-ylang flowers into their basket, unleashing the incomparable fragrance that inspired the perfumer to create this sensuous, smooth, sunny fragrance.

Our Ylang-ylang is gathered in Madagascar in a way that contributes to a more ethical, more sustainable cultivation.

By Alexis Dadier

As a child, Alexis Dadier received a papyrus covered with hieroglyphs from his grandparents as a souvenir of their trip to Egypt. That was enough to spark his fascination of this mystical destination. Years later as he was drifting in a boat down the Nile, the perfumer was inspired by an apparent contradiction between the refreshing scent of papyrus – which grows with its roots in the river’s waters – and its almost smoky, woody aroma. This fragrance expresses that surprising, contrasting duality.

By Domitille Michalon Bertier

With its sunny, slightly fruity scent and its soft petals, hibiscus is the queen of the Polynesian gardens of Domitille Michalon Bertier’s childhood… The warm luminosity of hibiscus blossom brightens the bouquet with opulent notes and musky, powdery lilts.

By Philippine Courtière

Fresh and slightly powdery, Narcissus Poeticus is a joyful memory of springtime delight.

As far as Philippine Courtière can remember, the narcissus is the first flower that she fell in love with.

The love story dates back to her childhood, when she would stroll along the paths of the Jardin du Luxembourg with her grandmother and gather little bouquets of the delicately, honey-scented flower.

Our Narcissus is gathered in France in a way that contributes to a more ethical, more sustainable cultivation.

By Quentin Bisch

As a budding perfumer, Quentin Bisch learned that vanilla comes from the extract of an orchid unlike any other: an original flower with a scent that is almost imperceptible in its natural habitat. He held onto the dream of reinventing this unique aroma as he concocted this multifaceted fragrance, with slightly spicy petal notes that herald an enticing, fleshy floral accord. This is the fragrance signature of a tempting flower in full bloom.


By Amandine Clerc-Marie

A crisp and spontaneous rose inspired by the concoctions of petals and wrinkled leaves Amandine Clerc-Marie brewed in her family garden when she was a little girl. A rose that gives an impression of botanical purity and a lightly spiced floral signature.

By Amandine Clerc-Marie

This tender, powdery fragrance echoes a memory from the perfumer’s youth: the awakened senses and stirred emotions of discovering the mimosa blooming in the hills of Grasse when she was 20. Mimosa blossoms with powdery, woody, vegetal and luminous facets that lend fullness to the composition.

By Mylène Alran

An aromatic verbena from her parents’ garden that Mylène Alran remembers rubbing between her hands as a child to keep the scent with her all day. In an olfactory composition, this verbena highlights the bouquet with a delicate lemony freshness and a natural radiance.


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