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The festive season is approaching, and with it, the immense joy of getting together. Time to prepare a timeless gift to your beloved one.

Boucheron Together as one

It is a joyful invitation to experience precious moments together. This year, boucheron captures these emotions in its three-part “together as one” campaign, featuring the faces of the house: alexa chung, nour arida, dongyu zhou, lu han, hannah quinlivan, youn-jung go and rola.

From the excitement on the way to the impatience on the doorstep and the complicity of the traditional family portrait, each episode celebrates the joy of being together. Maison boucheron’s creations will allow everyone to reveal their style and enjoy this time of year according to their desires

BVLGARI splendid gift ideas for Christmas

Representing a new beginning, BVLGARI’s Holiday Season 2021 is the occasion to marvel and wonder again, to “unwrap” the magnificence behind everything around us. The streets, brightly lit by festive lights and joyful smiles. The magical sky, shining with sparkling stars and fireworks…and the stunning collections BVLGARI has never stopped crafting and presenting in its boutiques – where no wish is too big, and wonder never ceased to exist. BVLGARI Serpenti collection offers an ideal gift idea that will make you shine in the festive season with glittery jewellery. A symbol of power, seduction, temptation and transformation, the snake is BVLGARI’s audacious emblem. It began to appear in jewellery collections in the 1960s and continued establishing itself as BVLGARI’s distinctive symbol. From the more animalistic versions of the Seventies to past decades’ more geometric and stylized forms, the snake deeply epitomizes BVLGARI’s bold and fierce spirit. BVLGARI Serpenti Viper, an ultra-modern interpretation of BVLGARI’s celebrated icon of glamour and seduction, enchants with its innovative and cutting-edge design. Revealing the mythical snake using geometric and sleek shapes, the creations strike with the precious beauty of the scales and the distinctive sinuosity of the BVLGARI Serpenti collection. The BVLGARI Aluminium watch and the new BVLGARI BVLGARI watches are also ideal gifts for lovers.

Besides, BVLGARI B.zero1 collection ring is highly recommended. An alignment of avant-garde and Roman inspiration, the original jewellery design has been relentlessly interpreted with bravery and innovation, until it was presented on its latest appearance in 2020 with the new studded core of the unapologetic BVLGARI B.zero1 Rock collection. Drawing its inspiration from the world’s most renowned amphitheater, the Colosseum, B.zero1 Rock is a ground-breaking statement of BVLGARI’s daring creative vision. In an irreverent interpretation of the unmistakable spiral, the iconic jewellery pieces strike the perfect balance between bold design and precious stones, ultimate sparkle and ultra-contemporary appeal. BVLGARI B.zero1 rings and bracelets are particularly suitable for lovers and couples to wear in pairs, declaring their oath of love to each other.

Chaumet The 12 Vendôme theatre of wonders

Place Vendôme, one evening in December. The magic of the end-of-year celebrations transforms snowflakes into slivers of gold, the night lights up with a fairy-tale radiance, lamp posts are lit, the Vendôme column sparkles … and at the heart of this marvellous setting is where the magic begins.

On its snow-covered roofs, a Christmas tale plays out in a merging of reality and imagination. A winter night’s dream in which Josephine, Liens, Bee My Love and Hortensia Eden creations play the starring role. comes to life, unveiling unexpected treasures and fantastical scenes, in this celebration of the joy and wonder of the festive season.

De Beers Jewellers Celebrates Diamonds in Bloom

Emphasising on your promise to the ones you love and to yourself, De Beers Jewellers invites you to make a statement to remember this season with natural diamond jewellery, designed to be treasured for generations.

For the Holiday 2021 season, De Beers Jewellers welcomes new additions to the house’s iconic Enchanted Lotus and Talisman High Jewellery collections — just in time to add a touch of sparkle this winter. The jewellery house also introduces its latest diamond classic line, Snow Dance. These new designs embody the jewellery house’s passion for capturing and celebrating the natural world’s magnificent beauty – diamond gifts to be cherished forever.

Drawing on the lotus flower and its symbolism of purity and eternity, De Beers Jewellers unveils three high jewellery styles to bring renewed brilliance to its signature Enchanted Lotus collection. The modern collar, drop earrings, and bold ring scintillate with round brilliant diamonds surrounded by pear-shaped diamonds that artfully accentuate the flower’s enchanting silhouette. The Talisman collection expertly showcases the duality of rough and polished diamonds, set side by side in harmonious contrast.

Reminiscent of snowflakes gracefully dancing in the air, the Snow Dance collection reinterprets the classic line design through accents of fancy-shaped diamonds, echoing the glacial glamour of the Ellesmere Treasure set – a design that is part of the Reflections of Nature High Jewellery collection presented earlier this year. Marquise-cut, pear-shaped and round brilliant white diamonds have been hand-selected for their clarity and brilliance and meticulously set to capture the light with the wearer’s every move.

Piaget’s Holiday Season Campaign 2021

This holiday season, Piaget is reintroducing the volute (or scroll as it is called in English) into its Holiday Season Campaign visuals. This elegant and swirling shape is a key element of Piaget’s design history as it adorned global advertising campaigns throughout the 1950s and was even used as the Maison’s logo during the international watch and jewellery fairs of the day.

But more than just a magnificent ornate logo, the volute has been an integral part of Piaget design over the decades as it has inspired numerous Piaget Patrimony high jewellery creations and timepieces, with its feminine looping forms that drape around the body or swirl around the dial of a jewellery timepiece. A keen eye will also note the continuation of this inspiration today in the form of the Piaget Limelight Gala Collection with its curved asymmetrical lugs that encircle the timepiece’s case.  Limelight Gala Precious Palace timepieces, Sunlight and Possession jewelry collections will be one of your choices.

During the holiday season, we carefully select gifts to offer our loved ones. There is no better way to bring joy to someone than to give them the timeless gift of jewelry or a fine timepiece. This special moment brings happiness to everyone, whether they are on the receiving or the giving end of creation.

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