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Better looks beyond – beyond a season, a trend, a moment, to a more sustainable world. The COS Spring Summer 2022 campaign, highlighting transitional collections for women and men, looks beyond the horizon and continues the brand’s commitment to rethinking the future of fashion..

Presenting a range of inspiring individuals championing a better future through activism and advocacy, COS’ campaign is led by supermodel and activist Christy Turlington Burns; DJ, producer, and advocate for trans rights, Honey Dijon; and writer, editor, and curator Antwaun Sargent. In addition, actor Finn Wittrock joins models Rianne Van Rompaey, Chu Wong, Keisuke Asano, Awar Odhiang, Saye Wuo and Liam Kelly.

Photographed by Paris-based Tim Elkaïm, each carefully composed portrait captures a sense of escapism in various Los Angeles settings; on the beach at sunset, within nature, and high above the vast and unending cityscape – beyond one perspective.

Pushing the boundaries between comfort and luxury, contrast is explored with revisited signature minimalist tailoring – structured linen styles join bold fashion pieces in graphic prints and uplifting cyan and sunshine orange hues. Through optimism and a strong curiosity for what is to come, COS uplifts and inspires its community.

Promoting versatility, the collections adapt to everyday transitional moments. Styled by Clare Richardson, creative and poetic combinations build the foundation for this eclectic direction while refined craftsmanship, sustainability, and a circular economy are prominent throughout.

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