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May is the new “art month” as Art Basel, Art Central and French May get underway. Celebrate occasions with a slice of artsy delight as DALLOYAU, the prestigious French culinary brand, launches a series of “edible art” throughout the month of May. The signature Opéra will go hand-in-hand with vibrant illustrations of local artists Cheng Chin Man and Cho Kwok Ting, transforming the display windows into a fully-fledged “gallery” to support local artists and French culture so that discerning diners can experience a “taste of art”.

DALLOYAU’s well-loved photo-printing service adds a layer of sentiment and an opportunity to share precious moments, it can also transform cakes into delicious replications of paintings to appreciate arts in different forms. Seven expressive works from the three selected artists will be printed on DALLOYAU’s signature Opéra, and are available for pre-ordering three days in advance from now until 31 May 2021.

Local artist: CHO Kwok Ting

Local artist CHO Kwok Ting, Connie was awarded a Master Degree (MA Fine Art: Painting) by the University of the Arts London and was a lecturer of painting in The Academy for Performing Arts. She pursued Chinese painting with Lai Ming, renowned artist of the Chinese Lingnan School of Painting. Her works include oil painting, Chinese painting and mixed media, with the characteristic of interpenetration of Chinese and Western elements.

Her five Chinese paintings from the “Reflections” series has been selected for the “Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012” and were exhibited at The Hong Kong Museum of Art in 2013-2014. When compare with the macroscopic composition of traditional Chinese landscape painting, the “Reflections” series is composed with close-up details and reflected images of objects. Water reflections, reflected images and patterns of water ripple are adopted to substitute the form of empty space, fog, cloud and mist in traditional Chinese painting. The three selected paintings to be printed on the Opéra are:

Local artist: CHENG Chin Man

Local artist Cheng Chin Man graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Master Degree in Fine Arts, and he ymbolizes Western drawing and painting. He also studied Chinese painting with maestro LAI Ming from the Chinese Lingnan School of Painting, and was supported by The British Council Chevening Postgraduate Scholarships to finish a master degree on contemporary classical music composition at The University of Manchester. In addition, he attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Technical Arts from The Academy for Performing Arts.

Since 2012, Cheng has been working on a series of “Embryo” paintings, which aimed to express abstract values in life through visual imageries, and to let audience rethink the meaning of life. The image of embryo is employed as a carrier to ymbolize fate, consciousness and the perception of human, which are influential in human values and life choices. An embryo is also the original form of each person before one is born, but it does not only ymbolize the past, but also the present and the future. Western painting and reference to artistic elements such as manga and ukiyo-e are the basis of the series, while the vicissitudes of life, different roles, images, and fairy tales are the sources of inspiration.

Plans / Accidents
Make Rock Not Pork (Make Love Not War)
Sceneries of Life
Taste Here