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22 Feb, 2023

For nearly 200 years, Delvaux has been synonymous with unparalleled quality and bold creativity, consistently pushing the boundaries of leather-work since its very inception. Not simply content to maintain the status quo, la Maison approaches all of its materials with fresh eyes, continuing to innovate and expand its techniques according to its world-renowned savoir-faire.


Leather Mastery is a celebration of this commitment—a series of techniques that challenge the way leather can feel and look. Last season, la Maison made waves with the Arsenal technique, reimagining its emblematic silhouettes through water jet-cut panels hand-sewn with delicate D-shaped leather cut-outs.


The Arsenal honours the heart of la Maison, referencing the traditionally Belgian industrial architecture and brick cladding of its Brussels headquarters. The inventive approach infused each creation with unexpected flexibility and movement, bringing new character and nuance to la Maison’s most recognisable designs.

This season, the classic Arsenal technique makes a comeback, dressing the Brillant and Pin silhouettes in a sea of new and refreshing colours. In addition, la Maison magnifies the statement-making technique by gracing the Pin D Pouch with a new, extra-large interpretation.