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DELVAUX presents a brand-new design, the Lingot

25 Mar, 2022

Today, we have brought our rich past into the present with a brand-new design, the Lingot.

Creating exceptional pieces since 1829, Delvaux is a story of savoir-faire and excellence. Based in Brussels, we have taken on the world with our uncompromising craftsmanship and the outstanding quality of our creations.

Inspired from Delvaux’s very rich 70’s archives, this new bag encapsulates women’s freedom while revisiting our signature graphic lines

Created for twirling through life, the Lingot will meet every woman’s needs. Vibrant, fresh and daring, it charms every generation. Chic on the shoulder or casual across the body, the Lingot has it all. With its straight-forward shape, oversized D-buckle, and incredibly refined leather, the Lingot is an evergreen in every woman’s wardrobe.

The name of the Lingot bag comes from its oversized buckle feature, which is carved from a single brass bar. Curved and as sleek as a jewel, this buckle has been designed to follow the natural hand gesture while carrying the bag. Its two-tone colours, gold and silver, make it a true showpiece.

Handmade in Delvaux’s ateliers in Belgium and France, the Lingot’s construction attests to la Maison’s unrivalled dedication to craftsmanship and technical finesse.

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