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ÉLÉVATIONE, a leading international skin care brand from Israel, has opened their new store at Harbour City. Based on various plant extracts and patented technology, their products are designed to visibly reduce the look of age signs, such as wrinkles, puffiness and lack of elasticity, like “Time Stops”.

Salvador Dali, the great artist, said “time is not constant, it can be manipulated, stretched, stopped or even reversed.” Inspired by Dali’s work – El Trimof lel Rodoli de la Gala l en Dali, ÉLÉVATIONE believes time can be reversed, and youth can be repaired.

ÉLÉVATIONE Harbour City store implements the key concept of the brand – “Time Stops”. Having clocks and hourglasses as the key elements, the surrealist design of the store brings customers to the aesthetic world of Dali. At their store, customers can enjoy their journey of time travelling and experience ageless beauty.

As a leading international skincare brand, ÉLÉVATIONE believes beauty is a concept, a construct, and a method of expression while the ÉLÉVATIONE woman is a masterpiece. Just as Dali never drew a straight line when he could create a curve, ÉLÉVATIONE refuses to play by the rules. In his honor, ÉLÉVATIONE will stop time, send the clock’s hands ticking backwards.

To reconfigure the way the world was viewed, Dali had to commit himself to his creations, mind, body and soul. With that same spirit, ÉLÉVATIONE commits itself to perfecting the naturally-infused formulas that preserve, restore and repair youth, and enable women to experience time on their own terms. To defy the passage of time is ÉLÉVATIONE ultimate goal, and they’re succeeding.

ÉLÉVATIONE time stops – Luxurious skin art: Handmade infusion of herbs

ÉLÉVATIONE deeply believes that nature is the source for beautiful skin, and excellent skin care formulations are essential in sculpting for perfection. This is why all of the skin care formulations created by the brand are based on hand made infusion of natural extracts, which includes herbs and plants. These mixed herbs and natural plant extracts are injected with water or olive oil under a three day process. As a result, the formulas are rich, and are unique compositions of natural minerals and vitamins. As the water based infusion has a light, refreshing, and hydrating quality; the olive oil based infusion supplies nutrition, and healthy glow restoring properties. Both of the exclusively researched and developed formulas are injected within products of different nature, in order to heighten the performance of each specific product.

Apart from thanking mother nature for providing them with the natural resources, they also place emphasis on the relentless pursuit of scientific research and technology. Their staff dedicates their time and effort in the research for better technology, endorsing the brand with a wide range of effective, patented ingredients. These ingredients are merged with different skin care series, finalizing them into noble, anti-aging formulas, which assists ladies to extend their youth and stop their skin from aging.

Their two hero collections – Repair Your Youth and Preserve Your Youth is designed for mature skin. Based on Tightox patented ingredients and AQUALUXE patented complex, the two collections can improve skin elasticity, replenish the hydration and smoothness of your skin, creating the natural essence of youth. ÉLÉVATIONE skin care products are perfect hybrids of new technology and rare natural ingredients.

ÉLÉVATIONE unique patented ingredients – TIGHTOX complex and AQUALUX complex

ÉLÉVATIONE skin care products are perfect hybrids of new technology and rare natural ingredients. The brand has invested heavily in research and technology, developing two patented ingredients which are added into different product series, bringing upon a magical skincare effect that reverses skin age.

Instant firming. TIGHTOX complex. Immediate Firming in just 5 minutes

76% testers agree that it has powerful firming abilities* Simply apply it on the skin and 5 minutes later, the skin immediately goes firm, with pores refined, creating soft, tightened, and beautiful skin instantly.

TIGHTOX complex is extracted from the stem cells culture of Globularia cordifolia, which works as anti-aging bodyguard. It is effective in reducing the aging process in the skin, and it helps reduce inflammation, skin redness and enhances natural skin glow. Hormesis, which is a type of mechanism that the body uses when faced with stress, is able to promote cell regeneration. TIGHTOX complex mimics this mechanism to rebuild the skin’s anti-aging defence system, providing the skin with an external protection as well as internal updates, which enhances the ability of detoxification and skin quality.

Hormesis – Defying future aging

Latest research shows that mild stress which occurs early in the body can increase the longevity of cells, and also protects the body against more severe stress at an older age. TIGHTOX complex mimics the hormesis mechanism, in order to enhance the skin’s ability to deal with pressure, so that the aging phenomenon, which will happen in the future, is countered.

The skin’s moisture storage. AQUALUXE complex enhances skin moisture at up to 30%*

Trial endorsers agree that AQUALUX complex enhances skin moisture at up to 30%*

The development of the AQUALUXE complex was inspired by the seaweed components which grows in the unique transitional zones of salt and fresh water. This special transition region is particularly high in nutrients due to the changes in tides. This equips the inhabiting seaweed components to adjust the state of their cells in every six hours, so that they can adapt to the changes in water salinity. Thus, it presents an excellent model for reaching the optimum moisture balance. The formula also includes Homarine, a compound found in certain mollusks. This ingredient can effectively protect skin cells in the fight against electrochemical and erythritol imbalance, and can prevent water loss, which in turn, improves the water holding capacity of the cell. Scientists deeply believe that moisture is the key to the preservation of youthful skin, and AQUALUXE hydra complex is able to enhance the storage capacity of skin cells, therefore, improving issues such as dryness and wrinkles.

Repair Your Youth

A reputable anti-aging collection specially designed for mature skin type. Rejuvenation and Repairing your youth by returning your skin to a state of radiance with modern technology combining benefits obtained by nature, establishing better future for your skin.


A unique composition of plant extract obtained by stem cell culture of Globularia cordifolia, works as anti-ageing bodyguard. TIGHTOX helps the skin to build its own anti-ageing defense system thanks to a hormesis-like mechanism. For the last few decades, there has been a continuous rise in the number of people reaching old age. The combination of advances in medicine and improvements in diet and hygiene has pushed back the limits of ageing and increased longevity.


Formulated to help reduce the appearance of serious dark circles and chronic puffiness surrounding the eye area. Nourishes the skin under the eye area and removes wrinkles and fine lines. 70% of feminine volunteers proofed the significant effectiveness of REVIVEYE with a distinguished improvements shows within days of use.  

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