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Ever since Kyoto Ichinoden, the famous Nishikyo Yaki restaurant from Kyoto, entered the Hong Kong market, it has continued to delight the most demanding gourmet lovers in Hong Kong. For winter, Mr. Yamagishi, who has worked in Kyoto main restaurant for 10 years and received a 1-star Michelin rating for his new shop, has designed a special menu which combines seasonal ingredients with new ideas to infuse traditional Kaiseki cuisine with excitement and freshness.

Yamagishi Style Kobune Sushi

Among a list of mouth-watering dishes, the Yamagishi Style Kobune Sushi allows customers to customize their favourite sushi combos from 18 types of ingredients, which is also a customer favourite in the Tominokoji Yamagishi restaurant in Kyoto. For the Kagoshima Wagyu Beef with Sansho Sauce, it is slow-cooked with a secret method created by Mr. Yamagishi to make it crispy yet tender. The Grilled Abalone with Seared Sea Urchin adds a little luxury to your meal, with the abalone slow-cooked for half an hour before being covered with fresh sea urchin.

Kagoshima Wagyu Beef with Sansho Sauce
Grilled Abalone with Seared Sea Urchin

Winter is a great time to enjoy hotpot. Therefore Mr. Yamagishi has created two Golden Broth Shabu Shabu, available in Wagyu Beef or seasonal fish. The broth is made by a golden ratio of “Dashi”, the soup stock that is the soul of Japanese cuisine. At the end of the hotpot, Sea Urchin and rice will be added into the broth to make a flavourful porridge, which marks a perfect ending to your dinner.

Yamagishi Special Golden Broth Shabu Shabu with KAGOSHIMA Wagyu Beef
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