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From 29 January through February, Chef Nicolas Boutin of ÉPURE will join forces with Nikita Matveev of The Old Man in a rare collaboration, as the duo will create a relaxing afternoon drinks and dining experience in the spacious lounge of ÉPURE every day from 2:30pm to 6pm, where guests can enjoy Chef Nicolas’ elegant French hors d’oeuvres, along with Matveev’s innovative mixology creations supported by Pernod Ricard.

Ten experimental drinks are named after classic Hemingway novels. These concoctions incorporate local flavours like calamasi, pandan leaf and coconut, and are mixed with botany-infused liquors such as rotovap curry KI NO BI SEI gin and sous-vide Mangisteen Olmeca liqueur, making this pop-up not just a place to grab drinks, but a chance to experience The Old Man’s out-of-the-box libations amidst the beautiful harbour views from ÉPURE’s outdoor garden.

The Sun Also Rises #1929 is an Asian-influenced, aromatic drink that is initially bitter, with the taste of coconut followed by a smoothly, intensified aroma from pandan. A curry-leaf-infused KI NO BI SEI gin is blended with capra fat-washed applejack and a sweet vermouth infused with pandan and dried coconut.

To Have and Have Not #1937 contains wood-fused Havana 3 years rum, Coca-Cola and lime juice, topped with a light vanilla foam. With its clear colour, those guessing that it’s an ode to a simple rum and Coke will be surprised by its light, citrusy taste.

A Movable Feast #1964, upstaging the previous drink, is spicy and savoury. The combination of sea water, Absolut vodka, tomato juice, coconut syrup and lemon juice creates a big room for mystery. This clear, complex creation is given a minimalist touch, garnished with a cheese-wax oyster.

While The Old Man’s cocktails and mocktails are in the spotlight, sometimes we yearn for an elevated fare when hanging out for drinks. Chef Nicolas is putting high-end spins on some of our favourite bar foods, from the golden Crab Fritter and classic Ham & Cheese ‘Croque’, to luxurious selections like Homemade Smoked Salmon and Baeri Royal Caviar & Garnish.

Making its first foray into the lounge of ÉPURE, The Old Man takes its center stage from the underground drinking den to the tucked away alfresco garden so that one could enjoy creative cocktails and scrumptious bar bites with lounge beats and a gasp of fresh air under the clear sky, even under the Coronavirus pandemic, guaranteeing a perfect hotspot for pre-dinner drinks or a mid-week boozy session.

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