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As the summer holiday draws to a close, it’s time to prepare for the new school year. Build up that excitement with your little ones as you spend a fun afternoon together at Harbour City, where you can shop for all the school essentials and more!

Be smart, look sharp

Refresh your child’s wardrobe to rock that school interview or weekend play date.

Dolce & Gabbana Children’s capsule collection is all about bold patterns and accents. Your little girl is going to adore the wool tartan midi dress, which is embellished with heraldic patches for the school uniform-inspired look. The same design elements can be seen on the little boy’s cotton jersey hoodie featuring tartan flannel inserts.  

Dolce & Gabbana Children

Perfect for an afternoon stroll in the park, Kenzo Kids’ floral dress is both pretty to look at, thanks to its turquoise colorway, and flowy for the energetic ones to run around. 


For an outfit that your little gent can wear all school year long, Momonittu has got a classic white oxford shirt with a cable-knit vest. A long-sleeve cardigan is yet another versatile piece to have around. 

Don’t overlook the importance of quality innerwear. The latest underwear collection by Organic Mom offers breathable fabrics to get your kid through the most exciting sports game and more.  

Gear up

Head back to the classroom in style. Pick out a sturdy backpack that withstands the school year, and some fun school essentials that set the stage for success.

Fila Kids has launched a series of backpacks that are both functional and cute to roam through the school halls. The adjustable straps ensure the weight is evenly distributed while the side pockets and compartments with zippers make it easy to stay organized. Throw in a cute pencil case and color pen set too, to make learning a truly fun experience.

Encourage your kid to be environmentally conscious by letting them pick out a favorite water bottle of Tomica , Hello Kitty, or Lulu the Piggy, to stay hydrated throughout the day. While you’re at it, pack also ZOKU Kids Pocket Utensil Set or the Cuisipro  Stainless Steel Personal Cutlery Set with Biodegradable Case, all available at Xplus

While some school supplies can be with your little ones for years to come, don’t forget a fresh pair of well-fitting shoes at least every year to support the fast-growing feet. Skechers‘ Back to School series all features the Air-Cooled Memory Foam insole and supportive uppers, from lace-up formal leather styles to sports shoes that provide all-day comfort.

Stay focused 

Keep your child’s eyesight in check before you start noticing them squinting or rubbing their eyes more than they should.

If they do need to wear glasses, make your way to Zoff and ask about the PC Glasses, which provide a 50% blue light cutting ratio to prevent eye fatigue due to exposure to digital blue light.

Similarly, the JINS Screen collection by Jins offers two lens types – for everyday use of digital devices, blocking 25% of blue light and heavy screen time usage, blocking 40% of blue light.

Emporio Armani’s first children’s eyewear collection caught our eyes with more than vibrant frames that look cool on all children aged from 6 to 12, but also with the thought that goes behind the design. The eco-friendly collection, available from Optical 88 Family Eyecare, is made with partly bio-based nylon fiber and rubber, with silicone nose pads to prevent the glasses from slipping.  

It’s just a matter of weeks before the new school year begins. So why don’t you spend some quality time at Harbour City and shop for the back-t-school essentials as the anticipation grows?

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