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Reunion dinner makes one of the most important aspects for Lunar New Year celebrations. Yes, this year’s festivities are probably not going to be quite the same, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a wholesome feast with your beloved, at the comfort of your sweet, sweet home.

Glorious casseroles, Chinese-styled

Poon Choi, literally translates as “basin food.” It comprises layers of ingredients assembled in a Chinese-styled casserole, so the bottom layers soak in all the rich flavors from the top. Poon Choi also symbolizes unity in Chinese culture as villagers would traditionally gather for the night to savor the cuisine.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao has prepared a deluxe poon choi that comes with two serving sizes to serve 2-3 persons and 5-6 persons respectively. A total of 12 premium ingredients including braised abalone, braised fish maw, dried scallop, and braised pork knuckles, among others, is going to spoil your palate.

GāGǐNāng, meanwhile, pays homage to the restaurant’s Chiu Chow roots. Its iteration of Poon Choi is a hearty melange of soy goose, ketchup prawns, dried golden oysters, and of course – braised abalone. There’s something for even the most picky ones!

Quan Alley collaborates with Yi Shop, founded by local artiste Lokyi Lai, in launching the Turnip Cake with Dried Scallops, Chinese New Year Pudding and Taro Pudding. Profits will be donated to the Charity Campaign for Meal Coupon Sharing with Love, by The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society Kowloon, which provides free meal service to underprivileged families in Hong Kong. Every pudding sold is going to bring 10 meals to a family; so share the love as we celebrate the holidays.

The vegan festive cakes by Green Common, including the new, Pumpkin Rice Cake with Red Quinoa, Turmeric & Oatmilk, Peach Gum Water Chestnut Cake with Chrysanthemum Bud and OmniPork Vegan XO Sauce Red Quinoa Turnip Cake are perfect for your vegetarian and vegan friends, or just about anyone who wants to go guilt-free.

Ricky’s Spicy Kitchen introduced the CNY Turnip Cakes in the original and Sichuan mala flavors, for those who love the spicy kick. All made-to-order for a limited quantity daily, the cakes can last up to seven days in the fridge – if you could resist the temptation to finish them all in one sitting.

The young, and the young-at-heart

If you need to bring something when you visit your friends and family, nothing wins the young ones’ heart better than some sweet treats.

Sugarfina’s limited-edition Lunar New Year 9 PC Candy Trunk, dressed in red and decorated with luxe gold touches, houses the most-loved candy cubes filled with flavors such as Peach Blossoms, Chocolate Orange Peel, and Red Apple Caramels. Not to mention, the gift box itself would totally make a stunning centerpiece on any dining table.

Chocolate lovers are going to love the Chinese New Year Square Gift Box by Venchi. It comes with a selection of Gran blends and Chocoviars that are guaranteed to a different flavor explosion every bite. To impress the biggest sweet-tooth, spoil them with almost every flavor possible with the Chinese New Year Small or Large Round Hamper, each filled with a selection of assorted Venchi signature chocolates.

Whether you’re a purist who’s going the traditional route, or an unconventional soul branching out for innovative treats to delight your friends and family, it’s always the thought that counts, as you share the holiday blessings with your loved ones.

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