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Throughout the course of fast changes and development of the society in 1970s, many new things were springing up after years of the baptism. The evolution yet did not diminish the warmth in the neighbourhood. Chiu Chow restaurants were always filled with brightly white hot steam of Kung Fu tea, briny taste of sea water and sonorous conversations. The unspecified language turned out to be unforgettable and later realised they had always called each other ”fam”, self-explanatory why the place was full of camaraderie and intimacy. GāGǐNāng retains the typical woodcarving, stone carving and ceramics of the past and believes that the deep-rooted flavour can connect diners’ hearts and taste the compassionateness of Chiu Chow.

The brand new Chiu Chow restaurant, GāGǐNāng , officially opens at Harbour City, combining traditional and contemporary Chiu Chow elements to bring  a new sensory experience of Chiu Chow cuisine.

In addition to the classic taste of Chiu Chow cuisine with exquisiteness and refinement, it also strives to make diners feel a strong human touch. The chef also continues the vibrant, flexible, adventurous and hard-working Chiu Chow culture, bringing both the creative and traditional taste to the restaurant.

GāGǐNāng was designed by Hong Kong design master Mr. LEUNG CHI TIEN, STEVE and his professional team, with the layering, symmetry, structure and balance of the essence of Chiu Chow architecture to highlight the beauty of its craftsmanship.

No way that we can forget about Marinated Goose Fillets with Supreme Soya in Chiu Chow cruise. Marinated and evenly colored, the goose fillet are crispy and tender, rich in oil but not greasy. The other signature Hokkaido Akagai Clam In Chili And Garlic Soya uses Akagai Clam from Hokkaido instead of the traditional Yellow Tail to amplify the freshness and texture. All ingredients are being processed with Ozone Disinfectant Machine for 30-60 minute to ensure the hygrine.

Shark’s Fin is a traditional signature dish for Chinese family. It is very important to have the soup base perfect as Shark Fin itself tastes barely nothing. The soup base of Braised Shark’s Fin in Superior Broth is made of Chicken, Pork, Ham, Chicken Feet and others that allows the Shark Fin to absorb the essence of it. It is thick, very rich in flavour, yet non-sticky and mellow.

Finish off with Golden Sweetened Taro Sticks served with Ice-Cream. Sweetened Taro Sticks is one of the well-known and popular Chiu Chow desserts. The fried Taro sticks remains soft and wrapped in crispy, sweet and crusty sugar. Served with Ice-Cream to ensure diners get to enjoy the essence of Eastern and Western desserts in one go.

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