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Italian century-old baking expert GIOVANNI PINA
The first boutique cake shop lands in Harbour City

06 Apr, 2023

As spring approaches, Giovanni Pina, a century-old Italian bakery brand, specially uses flowers and fruits to create a new series of cakes and desserts. The new product focuses on light taste and various textures so that everyone can enjoy the taste of spring on the tip of the tongue! In addition, in order to facilitate fans to purchase GP’s cake and dessert series, we will open the first boutique cake shop in Hong Kong in Harbour City, with multiple exclusive opening discounts and new products to satisfy sweet lovers! 

Brand new cake series for the Spring season

In spring, the climate is warm and humid and we need some refreshing taste and fragrance to stimulate our taste buds.  Giovanni Pina, a famous Italian pastry master, led a team of chefs to design a series of seasonal cakes and desserts. Most cakes are made with a variety of seasonal fruits, flowers, and nuts, no matter the taste or appearance, they are full of spring spirits! 

Pistachio Cheese Chiba Crisp

Italian pistachio dishes, special pistachio cheese flavor. 
Giovanni Pina’s signature millefoglie has recently added a new member! The chef selects high-quality pistachios, grinds very finely and blends them into the custard cream. Matching the super crunchy multi-layer filo pastries, a yummy dessert for all time with no doubt!

Rose Lychee Mousse Cake

Rose lychee, sweet and refreshing, girl’s favorite.
If you like a light and sweet taste, you must try Giovanni Pina’s new rose lychee mousse cake! The mousse is made of lychee and roses, accompanied by peach compote and sponge cake with a slight touch of Grand Marnier. The layers are rich with full of flower and fruit fragrances, and the fluffy taste between sponge and mousse is unforgettable!

Chocolate Festival Cake

85% espresso chocolate with multiple flavors.
Carefully selected 85% chocolate to make chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache, together with Italian blood orange gin and cocoa sponge cake, this Chocolate Festival Cake is the best choice for all chocolate lovers! It is suitable for all occasions such as after-meal desserts, afternoon tea, or party cakes.

Honey Yuzu Mousse Cake Miele di Pompelmo

Refreshing and sweet spring acacia honey. 
The mousse cake is made of high-quality Acacia honey, grapefruit cream, Italian lemon liquor Limoncello and sponge cake. The cake is soft and smooth with the sweet temptation of flowers and citrus fruit. An amazing fragrance of the Spring Season to your palate.!

Mango Mousse Cake Mango Ananas

Tropical fruit refreshment!
If you like tropical flavors, you must choose this Mango Ananas mousse cake! The cake includes fresh mango mousse, pineapple compote, Grand Marnier and sponge cake. The refreshing fruity sweetness of this cake goes perfectly with fruity coffee or tea!

Light Cheese Mousse Cake Angelo

Melts in the mouth with a light “Cheese” flavor.
The chef specially designed the Angelo Light Cheese Mousse Cake. The charm is that the taste is light but full of “cheesy” flavor! The cake is also added with lemon wine and light cheese chiffon cake, which is fresh and soft, which greatly enriches the layering of the cake.

Blackcurrant Mousse Cake

Sweet and sour appetizer, healthy and light black currant
The refreshing fruity sweetness combining the silky soft texture of this blackcurrant mousse cake is very delicious! This is not just for the palette enjoyment but black currant is rich in vitamin C, which has miraculous effects in anti-depression and improving vision loss! This cake contains black currant mousse, Italian blood orange gin, chocolate and sponge cake.


All handmade Cannoncino rolls
These puff pastry rolls are handcrafted culinary art pieces with up to 256 layers of puff pastry. With the chef’s secret vanilla cheese and Chantilly cream, the roll is sweet and crispy and the custard filling is smooth and fragrant. One bite after another, it is simply irresistible till the end!

GIOVANNI PINA boutique cake shop landed on the 4th floor of Ocean Center, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui.
When celebrating birthdays, festivals or anniversaries, it is indispensable to prepare cakes that are both tasteful and beautiful. For this reason, Giovanni Pina chose the location of Harbour City, a popular hotspot in Tsim Sha Tsui, to open the first boutique cake shop in Hong Kong, providing you with an additional pick-up point for high-quality Italian cakes and desserts! The new store will use elegant pink and purple as the main theme, with a golden frame design, bringing a dreamy Italian style. In order to match the unique seaside view of Harbour City, two theme cakes with ocean hues are specially launched, including caramel blueberry mousse and honey butterfly pea white wine panna cotta, which look delicate and beautiful. During the new opening period, we also have a lot of discounts for the new store, such as buy 3 get 1 free for piece cake, buy 2 get 1 free for handmade butterfly crisp coffee almond cookie gift box, fans should not miss it!

Caramel Blueberry Mousse Oceano Blu

Blueberry wave mirror surface interprets the harbour style. 
The outer layer is drizzled with blueberry cream sauce, which simulates the waves of the ocean, and the charming appearance makes people reluctant to eat it.

Honey Butterfly Pea White Wine Jelly Panna Cotta

Healing Blue Panna Cotta
Panna cotta is a classic Italian national dessert.
Inspired by the harbour, the chef team created a triple gradient layer. The top layer and middle layer are honey butterfly pea panna cotta. The bottom white wine jelly is used which brings out a complex sense of layering.

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