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Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine opens at Harbour City to share authentic Shanghai cuisine with food connoisseurs in town. What more is there to this hidden gem?

Located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, the homeland of Huaiyang and Shanghai cuisines, “Ge Yuan” was found and built with Huang Zhiyun, which has been famously celebrated as one of the most historic gardens in China for its fine, elegant and unparalleled architecture graced with breathtaking seasonal views. As an expression of his profound appreciation for bamboo, a symbol of integrity in Chinese culture, Huang decorated his garden with umpteen bamboos. “Ge” is the hieroglyphical character of “bamboo”, while “Yuan” means “garden”. Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine is inspired by and dedicated to “Ge Yuan” by capturing its essence through authentic Huaiyang and Shanghai cuisines in fine dining experience shared with food and culture enthusiasts.

Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine aims at recreating the authentic tastes of traditional Shanghai dishes. Highly flavoured seasoning and thick sauce — traditional receipts are adopted with the emphasis on the layers of flavours and colours of dishes that contribute to comprehensive stimulations to multiple senses all in one bite. To realise the culinary philosophy of Shanghai cuisine — “good things take time and effort”. Traditional Shanghai cooking methods such as braising, steaming, stewing and slow[1]cooking, used are time-consuming and require skillfulness.

One of the signature dishes, Salted Wild Caught Fish, demonstrates all the sophisticated techniques — wild caught sea fish submerged in salt water and the sun-dried over night, this procedure captures the unique organic umami of the fish, while enhancing the tenderness of meat texture fillet. Before serving, steaming or pan-frying the fish could preserve the organic umami while adding extra crispiness to the skin.

Incubated by award-winning interior design company In Cube Design, Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine is the brainchild of renowned interior designer Vincent Chiang. As an urban oasis, Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine features exquisite interior designs that showcases the elegance of “Ge Yuan” and Shanghai, yet homy that allows a temporary escape from all the hustle and bustle. Try to imagine having a meal at a local Shanghai household over a small village — where you could simply savour the food and moment — carpe diem. With the center piece of a life-sized bamboos art installation in pink, it reinforces the appreciation for “bamboo” inside this “bamboo garden”. Indeed, bamboos are spotted every corner of the restaurant from the tablewares all the way to the paintings on the walls, meanwhile the colour green brings out the inner peace and forms the bamboo garden ambiance. When it comes to luxury dining experience, privacy is key — there are 8 private rooms and 8 semi- private rooms at Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine available for business luncheon and dinner, commercial events, or just a family gathering.

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