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Set in a newly discovered eco-system – an extensive digital universe where present and future co-exist, where reality and imagination are inextricably bound together – the HOGAN AUTUMN WINTER 2022-23 collection is a celebration of self-expression, reinterpreted through the lens of a new form of communication, more immersive but harmonized with the brand’s legacy of innovation.

A short video tells about HOGAN’s first journey in the metaverse, a connection between the culture of today and the technology of tomorrow, where time is fluid and where the brand’s signature codes are deeply rooted in.

A stream is a flow by definition. The future is where everyone is headed. Envision what is yet to come, follow the HOGAN ‘future stream’.

Collection highlights

The HOGAN AUTUMN WINTER 2022-23 collection re-imagines everyday wardrobe cults in a matchless algorithm of shades and designs: a new path to what form and function mean. Aimed to bring a new fresh perspective of urban casualwear, it balances the brand’s lifestyle with distinctiveness and expression. Key pieces include genderless sneakers, weightless leather lace-up and rain boots built onto a sturdy tank-like outer sole matching with color-block oversize down jackets and parkas, to be worn over functional light basics. The HOGAN h-bag, this time enriched by a multitude of studs, easily complements it all. Quality, versatility and authenticity are, as always, at the core: a juxtaposition of punctuated volumes and iconic outlines, the collection speaks true about the dna of HOGAN and brings continuity to its unique traits and heritage.

Teal green, silver glows, tech-white, ultimate black

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