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Japanese widely praised sukiyaki restaurant “Hiyama” has arrived at Harbour City, delivering a wide range of the finest delicacies, ending the long-awaited longingness from all the wagyu lovers.

Founded in 1912, Hiyama has long been known as a highly distinguished wagyu supply brand in Japan where its wagyu beefs are distinguished with the most ideal fat ratio with a succulent and tender texture. Its own sukiyaki restaurant established in 1928 has even won a One-star Michelin qualification for nine years consecutively. Dedicated to all things wagyu-infused, and delivering the most authentic Japanese-styled sukiyaki dining experience at an approachable price point, Hiyama serves traditionally refined cuisines with the most premium beefs to their dear customers.

Inspired by traditional Japanese Mansion with essence of nature immersed within, the dining environment of Hiyama takes our guests temporarily far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enter into a soothingly peaceful garden, gently enjoying every beautifully prepared delicacy.

Hiyama hopes to distribute the most genuine taste of Japanese sukiyaki experience, using airfreighted ingredients just to present the masterful cuisines at its best to our customers. Providing our guests with Matsu, Take, Ume three sukiyaki sets, wagyu lovers can ride on a captivating journey filled with a variety of appealing oriental cuisines. Beginning with the delicately made appetizer, our Wagyu Tendon Jelly follows Hiyama’s traditional recipe in making the wagyu jelly with flavourful wagyu soup and chewy beef tendons, giving the savoury starter a rich texture. Set menu also provides A5 Kuroge Wagyu Sushi Assortment, Premium Sashimi Platter, Abalone with Sake Soup and other mouth-watering dishes, taking our guests on a culinary trip beyond their greatest imagination.

 Followed by the A5 Kuroge Wagyu Ribeye or Cross-bred Wagyu Sirloin main dish, giving all the meat fanatics an overwhelming dining enjoyment. Using the highly qualified wagyu with the sukiyaki soup base following the hundreds-year-old secret recipe, which is directly prepared by chefs in Tokyo store, the succulent wagyu slices absorbs the bold flavours of the soup, leaving our guest an irresistible taste of meaty juiciness.

Guests are treated with an exquisitely decorated dessert serving as a decent closure of this unforgettable palatable voyage. Among the four beautifully crafted desserts, Matcha Tofu Mousse reassemble the shape of a short little bamboo, forming a magnificent reflection between the surroundings and the whole dining experience, once again immersing the essence of nature into every single detail. The light and refreshing flavour of mocha and the soft texture of tofu mousse adding a little layer of taste above all the rich and moreish wagyu flavours, delicately winds up the whole cruise for the dear customers.