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Eye-catching treasures in the British antique market. The past and present meet on shelves and stalls brimming with unique pieces. Stories evolving over time, realized in eclectic scents.

Unearth forgotten gems with endless stories with the new limited Scented Mementos Collection curated by Jo Malone London. Featuring four unique fragrances inspired by vintage pieces filled with scented memories.

From an emerald green apothecary bottle, a first-edition botany encyclopedia, a nostalgic ceramic soap dish to the quintessential British beverage bottle, each scent tells its own enticing stories, dressed in collectible vintage style bottle.

Step into the world of British antiques with Jo Malone London.

The Chronicles of Antiquers

The British antique markets are like a playground for connoisseurs and collectors, attracting all walks of people to unearth treasures. Even the customers are full of stories. An elegant granny who loves antiquing picks up yet another ceramic horse while her husband reluctantly loads his vintage car with all her purchases of the day. The little boy with a wild imagination comes here everyday after school, wishing that he could become a heroic knight by wearing an antique armour. The young hoarder girl with an old soul finds each and every piece of knick-knacks so interesting and unique that her home is filled to the brim with antiques.

What would be the story behind the next unique treasure?

A British Homage

At Jo Malone London we’re proud of our British roots. Every year, we celebrate our Britishness with a limited-edition Brit Collection, inspired by all things uniquely British—whether it’s picturesque villages, rolling hills, and windswept beaches, or the latest in art, culture and design.

Always wonderfully unexpected.

‘We were inspired by the whole experience of antiquing… Whether you visit high-end shops or humble car boot sales, it’s always fascinating to be able to discover the different stories behind old objects.’ – Céline Roux, Global Head Of Fragrance

Emerald Thyme Cologne
Bright. Invigorating. Botanical.

Among a display of glassware in all shades and sizes, this deep green treasure stood out. As I imagined the tincture that it used to contain, a botanical concoction came to mind.

A bright burst of zesty fresh lemon is perfectly balanced with sprigs of herbaceous thyme and rosemary, cushioned in moss. An enticing aromatic citrus with an uplifting liveliness and verdant vibrancy.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top: Lemon
Heart: Thyme
Base: Geranium

Passiflora Cologne
Voluptuous. Eccentric. Seductive

I was flicking through the old pages of a first edition book on British botany when this exotic beauty drew me in. The enticing bloom’s striking petals and flamboyant tendrils rendered in full colour.

Passiflora, the flower of passionfruit, has the distinct fruity sweetness of its tropical fruit, addictively warm and cocooning. Its solar floralcy is enhanced with spicy cardamom and radiant honeysuckle, completed by the rich almond notes of the tonka bean.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top: Cardamom
Heart: Passiflora
Base: Tonka Bean

Musk Memento Cologne
Nostalgic. Clean. Comforting.

A decorative ceramic soap dish displayed on the shelves of endless antique mementos, the comforting nostalgic scent evoking happy memories of the distant past.

A clean musk fragrance inspired by a traditional soap bar. Powdery and soft, the nostalgia and comfort are captured in clean notes of soft musk and aldehyde, a sprinkle of English lavender and elegant cedarwood.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top: Aldehyde
Heart: Cedarwood
Base: White Musk

Ginger Beer Cologne
Vibrant. Characterful. Enticing.

A glazed stoneware treasure nestled on a stall, reminiscent of the vibrant aroma of this quintessentially British beverage.

Sparkling and bubbly, the lively freshness of natural ginger contrast with the comforting warmth of cinnamon and compelling roasted oak. A unique spicy woody scent with an unexpected twist, full of life and character.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top: Ginger
Heart: Amyris
Base: Vetiver

Jo Malone London Scent Pairing

Jo Malone London scents are all designed to be worn separately or layered together in a number of compelling combinations. Create your own bespoke scent and enjoy the fun of mix and match with our signature Scent Pairing, layering different scents to create a combination that is uniquely yours—whether to compliment different moods or to create delightful ambiances. The fragrances from the Brit collection are designed to be layered with one another or our classic scents to create something personal to the wearer.

Scent Pairings with the Brit Collection:

Ginger Beer x Emerald Thyme
Vibrant. Eclectic. Captivating.

Add a burst of zesty fresh lemon and herbaceous thyme to the bubbly ginger beer. A pairing of spicy warmth and sparkling citrus liveliness, just like a glass of refreshing gin & tonic. Vibrant and captivating.

Musk Memento x Passiflora
Irresistible. Powdery. Warm.

Powdery musk layered with amber floralcy. The nostalgic scent of a traditional soap bar contrasts with the tropical solar sweetness of Passiflora, wrapped in the warmth of tonka beans.

Transform your home with scented memories
with the latest home addition of the new Brit limited collection.

Dawn Musk Home Candle

The comforting vintage scent of a traditional soap bar.
Clean notes of soft musk and amber envelop with warm woods. Dressed in a limited-edition antique brass style lid and glass.

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