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“People have their own interpretation and understanding with the same thing, even the daily ketchup.

In the exhibition, I am a storyteller, and ketchup would be the bridge to connect audiences and I, to welcome them to my world through different artworks in various mediums.” – Hong Kong-based artist Kazy Chan said.

Gallery by the Harbour and William Chan Design are pleased to present “Ketchup”, solo exhibition of Hong Kong-based artist Kazy Chan from 3 to 26 September, 2021. Inspired by the ketchup often seen in restaurants, the exhibition takes the audiences into a fantasy world of “misunderstandings” through the dreamy sculptures and paintings that come with poetic and musical guided tour; and the first-ever zoetrope installation specially created by the artist. Let’s go into the Kazy’s magical world together by multiple senses!

Over 14 recent artworks with poetic and music guided tour

“Ketchup” comprises over fourteen sets of new ceramic sculptures and acrylic paintings, created by Kazy Chan. Each of the fourteen sets of artworks is an independent fable of absurdity, including the kappa, the alien, the cloned sheep, the ferry, the snowman, the claw machine and the meteor, which mourns for the inevitability of fading away and probing the relationship among us, mankind, and the world. Kazy has also invited Taiwan poet Zhuxue Deren and Hong Kong’s rising indie artist Cehryl to create poem and soundtrack for each set of artworks, plus on-site water color and acrylic paintings, so that visitors can appreciate the artworks and understand their stories through various mediums. The Pigeon & Me is one of the hero artworks, which Kazy created 23 ceramic figures. Inspired by the number of trees decreasing in the city, human head becomes their rest place and home finally.

First design and creation of 1.8m-high zoetrope installation “The Flowing Ketchup”

Kazy has also created his first-ever zoetrope installation “The Flowing Ketchup” in this exhibition. This three-layer with over one hundred ceramic figures (with different poses and unique serial number) installation took 6 months, from preparation, 3D printing, hand colouring to assembly. It presents the iconic characters in stop-motion animation, comes with flashing light and soundtrack, reveals from static to rotating, from stop to motion, just like shaking ketchup at high speed. The moment when the sauce will be poured from static to poured is the most exciting occurrence. Audiences can also choose their favourite piece and bring it back home!

“The frame per second of animation is around 25, but we set up 16 set different sculptures each layer, which means the frame per second of the stop-motion animation installation is 16. On the one hand, the zoetrope installation comes with flashing light and soundtrack, and breakthrough the normal watching habit of eyeballs. On the other hand, it demonstrates that we interpret different ways on the same things due to the misunderstanding and illusions.” – Kazy Chan said.

Limited Edition Premiums Available at the Venue

Besides the exhibited works, a series of limited-edition products are also available at the venue. The products include ceramic pin, embroidery T-shirt, postcard, surgical mask. All of them are derived from Kazy’s original works. He hopes that the audiences can take the absurdity home through the lifestyle products.

Kazy Chan multi-medium exhibition “Ketchup”

Date: 3 Sept until 26 Sept 2021

Time: 11am – 10pm

Venue: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)