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Harbour City’s Lady Nara is introducing a Picnic Afternoon Tea Set for diners to experience their own little piece of Thailand in the city. The tea set is available daily from 3pm to 5:30 pm, featuring sweets and savouries for diners to enjoy against the backdrop of the picturesque Victoria Harbour view.

As part of the complete picnic experience, Lady Nara’s Picnic Afternoon Tea Set presents tables lined with red checkered cloth, peacock chairs, and afternoon tea bites neatly laid out in a rattan basket. A lift of the basket will reveal colourful sweet and savoury selections, each of them unique in their own way. Many of the desserts are exclusive to the Hong Kong restaurant too.

 Artisan Pandan Crumbly Scone

Among the exquisite variety of sweet treats is the afternoon tea set’s star of the show: the house-made Pandan Crumbly Scone. A must-have in any afternoon tea, scones are often glazed with blackcurrants or other types of berries. Lady Nara’s take on the traditional English dessert sees the unassuming scone baked with pandan and coconut flavors, creating a crisp, lingering taste that will leave you wanting more. Enjoy the scones with Lady Nara’s house-made pineapple jam or clotted cream for an extra kick of sweetness.

Another signature dessert from the afternoon tea set is the Deep-fried Sticky Rice with Sliced Mango, a reinvention of the famous Thai street food featuring freshly sliced mango accompanied. Soaked overnight, cooked and mixed with coconut juice and sugar, the sticky rice is then molded into a ball and deep fried. The unconventional recipe, marrying fresh mango slices with chewy, crispy grains, challenges the notion that sticky rice should only be prepared through steaming.

With a coconut agar jelly as a base, coconut sago in the middle and creamy coconut with corn bits to top it off, the triple-layered Coconut Jelly is another signature of Lady Nara’s Afternoon Tea Set. The dessert is inspired by traditional Thai-style coconut cake, but with a more modern and refined spin. Of course, no afternoon tea set would be complete without Mini Homemade Chocolate featuring citrus-flavoured and passion fruit-flavoured chocolates for a sweet, tangy balance. The Mini Sliced Cake, made in France with the finest ingredients, a splash of luxury to round out the afternoon tea.

Thai-inspired flavours

As for the savory dishes, Lady Nara’s Afternoon Tea Set introduces the one-bite Mini Prawn Cake Burger. The bread, baked with beetroot sauce and naturally coloured, sandwiches fried-to-order prawn cake with pink salad dressing, creating a crisp burst of flavor. Another popular standout is the Salted Egg Yolk Crispy Chicken, also available on the Mini A La Carte menu. The Spicy Crab Meat & Cucumber Salad uses Australia greenhouse-grown cucumber and New Zealand crab, fusing in a tom yum sauce for a flavourful kick. In the Open-Faced Sandwich, the Thai-style pork sausage brings out the best of the modest breakfast fare, resulting in a mild spiciness that enhances the richness of the dish.


New dishes from Thailand’s flagship restaurant

Since Lady Nara arrived in Hong Kong, the restaurant has been welcomed with good reviews delighting in its exquisite selection of dishes. New to the menu are much-loved signatures from the flagship restaurant in Thailand, including the Crispy Sweet Corn & Avocado Salad, Salted Egg French Fries, Soft Boiled Egg & Minced Pork Salad, Rigatoni Crab Meat alla Vodka and more.

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