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“Here we say I love you, when we’ve become each other’s dedicated patissier.” Nothing melt’s someone’s heart better than an adorable-looking dessert! This Christmas, LCX is in collaboration with SOAP STUDIO in presenting the most iconic cartoon characters “Tom & Jerry” and “Tweety” by Warner Bros.

As fun mayhem ensures, the cat-and-mouse battle is happening right at LCX, as the legendary rivalry fights for the scrumptious Christmas feast! Tweety, on the other hand, is transformed into every flavor of gelato cones imaginable, to celebrate the holiday season with you in the sweetest fashion. A vast selection of thoughtful gifts are also available at LCX so you are bound to delight your loved ones!

Stop 1: Tom & Jerry Classic Diner

Run by the one and only iconic rivalry Tom & Jerry, the Classic Diner is filled with festive decorations and of course, the fighting scene between the pair. To escape from Tom, Jerry is now hidden in every corner possible – even in the burger to be savored by Tom! Despite being pranked, Tom still eagerly awaits his visitors in his Christmas outfits, hoping to take pictures with every customer at the Classic Diner. Snap away in front of the 2-meter tall Tom & Jerry burger installation!

Don’t miss also, on the other side of the diner, the classic scenes of different cat-and-mouse battles unfold in front of us, as they run around the wooden chalet. Every funny face they pull is a scene-stealing one in pictures!

Stop 2: Tweety Gelato Cafe

Fans of Keung To would be thrilled to make Tweety Gelato Cafe their pitstop. Pose with your favorite Tweety cone just as Keung To did!

The legendary yellow canary Tweety is transformed into a larger-than-life ice cream cone. Each of the colorful cones is as adorable as it is delicious, waiting for all Keung To fans to swing by for photos and sprinkles of sweetness!

Stop 3: Tom & Jerry Straight to Your Door

No Christmases would be complete without a festive Christmas tree and countless presents. Tom & Jerry are putting their battle on hold to wrap their gifts and putting up all the Christmas trinkles. Watch out as they pop out from the giant gift box to sneak into your photos! Amid all the joyous decorations, tons of presents await to surprise your friends and family too!

Stop 4: LCX x SOAP STUDIO Pop-up Store

To celebrate this season of merrymaking, Tom & Jerry, together with Tweety, have set up a Pop-up Store at LCX, to tempt their fans to bring home all sorts of merchandise. Get up close and personal as Tom & Jerry appear at every corner of the store, including the window decals and photo props with their friends.

Based on the first two stops of “Tom & Jerry Classic Diner” and “Tweety Gelato Cafe,” the classic scenes are here to dominate the merchandise at the Pop-up Store. You are bound to be spoiled for choice with the figures of other cartoon characters too – including Looney Tunes’ Sylvester and Dino from The Flintstones.

Among all the merchandise, the “Tom & Jerry Mysterious box Series – Valentine Surprise Figure” from “Stop 3: Tom & Jerry Straight to Your Door” will make its Hong Kong debut at LCX. The heart-shaped box in Tom’s hands is where you can store your favorite trinket – or a heart-warming message for your beloved to celebrate the season of love.


Dates: From now until to January 2, 2022
Time: 10:00am to 10:00pm
Venue: LCX Level 3 Ocean Terminal
Entrance fee: Free