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LOEWE’s Jade collection pays homage to master carving from the ancient through to the contemporary with a collection of bags, charms, and fine jewellery dedicated to the intricate craft and colours of Chinese jade sculpture.

With its subtle hues, mysterious veining and lustrous sheen, Jade has a storied history in China, where it has been used for ceremonial, ornamental, and functional purposes for thousands of years. Prized for its beauty and durability, jade was considered more precious than gold and came to symbolise goodness, intelligence, prosperity, and luck.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year this February, LOEWE has commissioned master jade carvers Xiaojin Yin, Qijing Qiu, and Lei Cheng to each create a series of five limited-edition pendants, individually hand-carved and mounted on an 18 carat gold chain. The Emerald Green pendant by Xiaojin Yin, who specialises in depicting flora and fauna, takes the form of a cabbage with a cricket perched atop—with bok choy having been cultivated in China for millennia, the humble cabbage holds cultural significance as a symbol of wealth and abundance. The eggplant, the subject of Qijing Qiu’s Light Mauve pendant, is believed to resemble a hat-wearing high-ranking official and is a symbol of status and success. Lei Cheng’s Spring Jade pendant is a pea pod adorned with a little snail, carved from a near-flawless piece of jade and symbolising fertility, abundance, and luck.

Building on the rare craft of the pendant series, LOEWE has created a new collection of Flamenco Purse Mini bags in an array of colours inspired by the hues of hand-picked antique jade carvings: Emerald Green, Dark Brick, Spring Jade, Sugar Yellow, Dark Khaki, and Light Mauve. With its orb-like form and soft, ruched nappa leather, each Flamenco bag also has a special inside pocket containing a precious ring of jade stone in a matching colour, to bestow good luck for the new year ahead.


The Jade collection features in a new campaign shot by David Sims and starring renown Chinese actress, and new LOEWE Global Brand Ambassador, Yang Mi. LOEWE has also created a short film celebrating the beauty of Chinese jade craft that offers a glimpse into the creative process of the commissioned master carvers. The story continues with CASA Conversations, LOEWE’s travelling talk series, which will be held in Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu. Each event will unite key figures from the project including the master carvers, alongside leading experts, historians, and local cultural influencers, as well as showcasing the limited-edition jade pendants.

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