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Deeply inspired by the world of fashion, Valérie Messika, Founder and Artistic Director of Messika Paris, has added new touches to her iconic Move collection. Having worked a great deal with gold and diamonds, she is determined to work with a new material: leather – to ensure that it remains fresh with a colourful and incredibly desirable bracelet collection. In celebration of the collection’s launch, five multifaceted and talented artists: Stephy Tang, Alfred Hui, Jace Chan, Jason Chan and Leanne Fu, were invited to showcase the fun versatility and creative mix-and-match combinations of MESSIKA jewels.

Classic elegance speaks to Stephy, who was recently awarded the Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Asian Academy Creative Awards in Hong Kong region. Sticking to neutral tones of Snow White leather with pave white gold and Beige leather paired pink gold, Stephy’s choice of My Move bracelets exudes timeless grace and refined style.

Elevate any masculine style with the My Move bracelets to keep your look fresh and modern. Alfred, who recently started his own record label ALFRECORDS, showcases the collection in black leather with graphite tones for an understated yet tasteful addition to his overall style.

Hong Kong’s rising new star Jace Chan’s bold, playful look is paired with the My Move bracelets in Santorini Blue and English Green. Available with or without the pavé setting, the leather bracelets easily complement any outfit. Go ahead, and be inspired to wear more colour.

Jason Chan and Leanne Fu have chosen to pair their My Move bracelets in Raspberry, White and Santorini Blue leather to showcase the possibilities for his/her matching – perfect for couples looking for gift options to mark their next milestone.

The collection’s pieces can be customized to individual preferences, worn independently or with other My Move bracelets for an endless range of combinations. Whether you’re after leather links, a matte or varnished finish, a pavé design, pure gold or titanium, My Move provides a blank canvas where anything is possible. More than 300 bracelet combinations are available, providing the wearer with a wide range of potential looks. The leather detail juxtaposes the sparkle from the white diamond, the shimmer of the white, pink or yellow gold, and the natural tones of titanium, graphite or anthracite.

For them, for you and for us. With this range, the brand has mastered the challenge of designing gender-neutral jewelry that can be customized, stacked and shared. Similar to borrowing your boyfriend’s oversized jumper, you can also style his My Move bracelet. The collection is fun to wear and pairs perfectly with a variety of outfits. Build up your collection and show them off day and night.

Mix-and-match ideas


Available with or without the pavé setting, the cherry red and tangerine orange My Move bracelets are an accessory bursting with vivid energy. The leather bracelets can be switched in and out along with the Move motif, making this a perfectly playful, customizable, and versatile piece of jewelry. Style play is child’s play with My Move!


Whatever your style or mood, My Move is available in a variety of compatible shades. Blur the lines with All About Nudes, a stunning gender-neutral accessory. Whether opting for beige, taupe or chocolate, the leather in these warm, sophisticated shades will become a part of your daily must-have stack.


The Venetian yellow, emerald green, and white colour palette is the perfect way to bring a sense of effortless grace to any look. With its understated elegance, the My Move bracelet easily complements any style so you can mix and match to your heart’s desire!


Rich colours such as China blue, indigo blue, and peacock blue bring a minimalist aesthetic to this pared-down design. The My Move bracelet celebrates the diamond as a symbol of freedom – allowing the timeless jewel to shine, pairing perfectly with everyday wear no matter the season.


Touches of raspberry and baby pink imbue this stunningly unique piece of jewelry with a casual, easygoing vibe. Delicate and feminine, it will become your go-to accessory to make any outfit pop. Enjoy endless possibilities to redesign your look with the My Move leather bracelets and mix-and-match gold or titanium motif.

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