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Michelin-starred ÉPURE, the eminent ambassador of contemporary French gastronomy renowned for an enduring elegance and simplicity, is thrilled to announce Fabien Vergé as the new Chef de Cuisine. Joining his French counterpart Executive Chef Nicolas Boutin, Fabien will bring his multicultural and star-stubbed French fine dining experiences to ÉPURE, making it his mission to take guests on captivating gastronomic adventures brimming with impeccable French culinary finesse.

Born in the South of France, Chef Fabien Vergé’s multicultural background has inspired a vivid journey to the heights of gastronomy. He worked in restaurant Le Meurice (three MICHELIN stars), mentored by the esteemed Chef Yannick Alléno to become a world-class chef in his own right.  At the age of 25, Chef Fabien opened the acclaimed La Cocotte in Taipei, garnering one MICHELIN star in 2018 in the country’s first edition of the guide. In 2019, he moved back to the coastal city of Abidjan in Ivory Coast to savour the moments of life. There, he explored the Nikkei food concept which fuses Peruvian and Japanese sensibilities into a vibrant harmony.

Drawing on the experiences of his childhood, Chef Fabien melds Basque, Catalan and other world influences into French gastronomy. The result is a unique style rooted in his three fundamental elements of French fine dining: “Essentiel” respects the most important natural qualities of ingredients, “Voyager” draws on the inspiration of multicultural exposure, and “Partage” (“sharing” in English) reflects a wish to share delicious food based on a childhood spent eating unforgettable food while connecting with his family at the table.

With a legendary work ethic, Chef Fabien was drawn to Hong Kong’s rich and varied culinary culture. From street food to the finest establishments, he sees the city as a harbour of gastronomy that is perfectly situated to reach the outside world. Now as Chef de Cuisine at ÉPURE, he envisions the restaurant as a place for stories to be told through his dishes as guests connect around the universal language of great food. Slated to debut are excitement and creativity to the new menu, interpreted through simple yet elegant dishes focusing on the use of seasonal ingredients.

For example, the red and white endive appeitser served with pickled orange, Spanish vinegar and a carrot and orange emulsion is ablaze with freshness and colour; the fragrant and tender toothfish served with a chervil emulsion, caviar and broccoli puree is a lush and luxurious dish; the pan-fried scallop served with a beetroot and Sichuan pepper rice paper bag melds into a umami-packed ruby red delight when the chicken stock is served; the simple yet luscious pigeon roasted on the bone is served with seasonal figs and fig tartare to add a burst of sweetness. For dessert, the golden kiwi sorbet paired with an apple cider espuma, crispy tuile and sorrel is a refreshing and delightful conclusion to a fine meal.

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