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MIKIMOTO has been exploring the multifacted beauty of pearls and breaking and imagining th traditions and perception of pearls. With a brand new collection – M Code, taking inspiration from the M in both Morse code and MIKIMOTO, the series of dots and dashes create a lively sense of rhythm.  

This collection brings necklaces and bracelet features with Akoya cultured pearls set in 18K yellow gold and 18K white gold. The dynamic and rhythmical pattern of pearls makes the whole deisgn even more fascinating. For all to enjoy their unique styles.

M Code Liberté – Liberté means freedom in French, this necklace feature with Akoya cultured pearl set in nickel rhodium plated silver, it gives you a variety of options for how to style. Explore the possibilities and make this necklace for all to enjoy regardless of age and gender.  

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