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from New York to The World,
Alicia Keys Dares us all to Dream

06 Apr, 2023

Alicia Keys transports us to a place where dreams are made of with the new Moncler x Alicia Keys collection. Inspired by New York but made for a world stage, the designs capture the city’s energy, swagger, and hopeful optimism through baggy ’90s silhouettes and bold colorways. Alicia’s aesthetic pulls from both feminine and masculine influences for an androgynous, effortlessly gender-neutral collection.

For Keys, New York City’s peaks represent the intersection of hard work and big dreams. Specifically, late ‘90s Manhattan -a hotbed of hope, pre-millennial anticipation, and colorful street style –the pillars of which directly influenced the Moncler x Alicia Keys collection aesthetic. Strong, ebullient hues such as green, red and Alicia’s signature purple pop in deliberately oversized trackwear silhouettes, accessorized with nylon bucket hats, cropped halter tops and shrunken tees. The effect is of youthful confidence and unabashed sensuality.

The collection’s accompanying campaign imagery sees a clash of two perspectives. The first, shot by IbrahemHasan, spotlights the New York inspiration with a backdrop of the world’s most recognisable skyline and deftly authentic casting. For Alicia, New York’s community of creatives is its greatest asset, and she has looked to thecity’s artists to populate her cast of next-generation dreamers. Starring a poet, a musician, an actress, and a singer-songwriter: the cast is made up of New Yorkers who are ready to make their mark. Keys and her community swing above the city’s skyscrapers –a visual metaphor for striving, for reaching, and surpassingyour dreams. The second campaign, by photographer Laura Jane Coulson, honesinon Alicia’s personality and character in a series of candid and colorful portraits that introduce us to Alicia Keys: the designer.

While Alicia Keys’ hard won dreams were originally crystallized in New York, she brought the fresh vibes to London Fashion Week for the collection’s initial unveiling at Moncler’s The Art of Genius event. The theme of community was further expanded when Keys p assed the mic to London’s Little Simz and Cleo Sol during an unforgettable live performance. Female artists who unforgettable live performance. Female artists who — for Alicia for Alicia — represent creativity, power, and excellence, they represent creativity, power, and excellence, they became the first to wear the designs on stage. became the first to wear the designs on stage.

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