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Kids & Family

NANOS Opens at Harbour City

06 Nov, 2019

NANOS is the leading Spanish brand with the most prestige in the children’s fashion sector thanks to its constant passion for offering its clients high quality and design articles, with special care in the selection of fabrics and for its impeccable finishes in the garments.

NANOS stores always have a special atmosphere, very cozy and quiet where you can find three environments: newborn, baby and junior. All this turns the NANOS stores into a magnificent box of surprises that captivates both adults and children.

The name of the brand can be translated as “the smallest ones”, and it is true, because the creative designers of NANOS work especially on tailoring clothes for young girls and boys in order to satisfy their tastes.

NANOS is popular for more than 50 years, in fact NANOS was created in 1963, and has shops around the world. Design, experience, and appreciation for well-made things with an special touch….all of these have placed NANOS as one of the top leading brands of children clothing in Europe. The passion and dedication that Nanos puts in each piece is very well known.

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