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Welcome to Spring, the season of renewal! At Qeelin, we rejoice as the land reawakens and life renews itself. Spring 2021 is especially meaningful as we have braved a trying year together in unity and with determination. Let’s celebrate a new year and branch out together with two exquisite Qeelin collections – all selected to celebrate our journey of hope and love together.

Love Whisper This Spring

Luxuriate in the warmth of Spring as you put on beautiful Love Whisper fine jewellery designs. Symbolising peace, hope and the promise of life itself, Love Whisper captures auspicious blessings in four exquisite jewellery expressions. Featuring pairs of love birds exuberant in the warmth and colours of Spring, these four Love Whisper necklaces in 18K rose gold and sparkling white diamonds look like a work of art against a green jade easel. Each necklace also features additional precious gems like emeralds, red rubies and pink sapphires. You can almost hear the song of the birds in these marvellous, creative jewellery pieces to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

The choice of jade as the backdrop for the pendants is as meaningful as it is beautiful. For more than 5,000 years, Chinese craftsmen have revered jade as a precious stone with protective powers. In this Love Whisper collection, jade guards over the promise of hope and new life in Spring 2021.

Be Blessed with Petite Wulu Jade Collection

Another springtime favourite from Qeelin is the Petite Wulu Jade collection. According to ancient Chinese legends, Wulu, a symbol of positive energy, is imbued with magical powers. The traditional gourd shape that resembles the lucky number ‘8’ is a renowned Chinese symbol of good health and fortune.

An extension of Qeelin Jade Collection, the Petite Wulu Jade collection showcases the brand’s trademark craftsmanship and attention to detail. It includes precious pendants and earrings in different sizes, an elegant bracelet and a stylish necklace. It may also be just what you need to safeguard your hopes and dreams for the new year.

Founder and Creative Director Dennis Chan elaborates on choosing jade for his Spring creations, “Good jade is often passed down through the generations as a protective stone. With these two collections, we go one step further to incorporate the promise of hope and new life. I think it makes these beautiful pieces extra meaningful. It’s perfect for wear in Spring. It’s possibly even better as a gift as it carries the giver’s well wishes and love.”

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