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Cool down the summer heat and quench your thirst with these beautifully crafted drinks available at Harbour City. From tropical fruit blends to tea-based offerings, these delicious concoctions are as refreshing as they are beautiful.

Zesty sips

The irresistible burst of flavor and hydration offered by an ice-cold fruity drink lifts our spirits like no other.

Let Terrace in Seaside’s signature Jeju Tangerine Special Drink transport you to the sunny orchards of Jeju Island. The juicy tangerine’s natural sweetness is well-balanced with the slight sour and bitter undertone so it’s not at all too overpowering. If you are a Matcha lover and looking for something not so sweet, we highly recommend the new Tangerine Matcha Smoothie, that you can feel the aroma of matcha and the refreshing taste of citrus at the same time!

The High Mountain Pouchong Tea with Lemon Juice by CHICAN San Chen incorporates fresh pulps of lemon flown in directly from Taiwan. The floral notes of Taiwanese Pouchong tea adds depth to the award-winning concoction perfectly.

Experience the tantalizing menu at Sweets house Cha Cha, featuring seasonal limited-edition drinks. For a refreshing taste to awaken your taste bud, let’s try the Okinawa Shikuwasa Soda for a zesty delight, showcasing the vibrant flavor of this unique citrus fruit. If you prefer something chilling to beat the heat, the new Japanese White Peach Parfait Drink and Japanese White Peach Parfait would be a lovely choice, where you can savor the noble aroma and juicy sweetness of Japanese white peaches.

Luscious sensations

Made with the ripest and juiciest berries of the season, these flavorful elixirs infused with strawberries are just as tempting.

The Frappuccino® lineup of Starbucks is joined by the new addition of BLACKPINK Strawberry Choco Cream Frappuccino® Blended Beverage. Famous K-pop girl group BLACKPINK is in collaboration with Starbucks this summer. The oat milk frap and strawberry syrup and dark chocolate sauce blend is topped with a pink-tinted whipped cream for that Instagram-worthy picture.

Perfect as a satisfying dessert alternative, Lady M’s new Strawberry Matcha Latte is a delightful combination that marries the earthy flavor of premium matcha powder with the sweet and tangy strawberry puree and dried strawberries. The subtle and complex flavor profile is great on its own or to pair with the signature cakes.

Tea-riffic moments

Go the guilt-free routes with these tea-based offerings, which serve as some healthier beverage options to stay hydrated and nourished.

Indulge in a float offered by TEA MOMENT. The Soft Serve series uses the freshest ingredients and tea leaves to showcase the slight astringent tea flavor in the most velvety soft texture imaginable. Choose from the wide selection of Iced Dark Jade, Iced Yunnan Jig, Iced Pu Er and much more!

Tea WG Boutique is yet another tea lovers heaven. A twist on its renowned signature tea,1827 White is an ethereal blend of white team with hints of fruity and floral notes. A close contender is Crimson Hill Tea. Reminiscent of a summer sunset, the green tea with wild berries offers a soothing touch of delicate rose and southern Tuscan fruits.

As summer temperatures soar, make your way to Harbour City and discover your favorite beverage to take a break from the heat.

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