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Roger Dubuis Opens New Boutique at Ocean Terminal

02 Sep, 2021

Roger Dubuis dares to dream, setting its sights on the fantastic stage of Ocean Terminal as the location of its brand-new boutique. Extravagant and irreverent, the new boutique is a reflection of the brand’s daring ethic, as defined by the motto emblazoned rakishly on its walls: ‘No Rules, Our Game’.

Glorious excess is what defines the incredible interior design of the new boutique, from the signature Astral Skeleton décor that reflects Roger Dubuis’ iconic movement design and mastery of complications, to the industrial and paradoxical minimalism that emphasizes sheer scale and vision as the primary definition of Roger Dubuis understanding of excess: an overwhelming force that celebrates freedom, madness, and pleasure at their most positive and inspirational.

As the second shop to implement Roger Dubuis’ new futuristic vision, the Ocean Terminal boutique is meant to offer an artistic experience for guests which will impress upon them the expressive singularity of the brand – from its artistry to its philosophy, from its concepts to its artfully complex pieces. For those true believers of the incredible brand, the brand-new boutique also houses an exclusive VIP lounge where they may bask in the brilliance of the brand’s uniquely disruptive genius.

Audacity and creativity, innovation and expertise guide every aspect of the new boutique, and the craftsmanship of Roger Dubuis is infused into the very displays. Specially selected pieces that represent the best of the brand’s timeless craftsmanship are thus suspended in a singularly expressive space, sophisticated monuments that excite and captivate even as they demonstrate Roger Dubuis’ Hyper Horology approach.

For Roger Dubuis, ‘No Rules, Our Game’ is truly the spiritus mundi: a universal muse that encapsulates the only way forward for the inventive and cutting-edge brand – to break free from the rules and to rewrite them all for their own. At the new Ocean Terminal Boutique, Roger Dubuis pulls out all the stops and lets loose: enrapturing and inspiring with the signature flair and quintessentially innovative style that make it the most exciting way to experience Hyper Horology.

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