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Story Playground @Harbour City

17 Oct, 2020

Harbour City x Japanese Children’s Book Artist

A Fun adventure story from indoor to outdoor inspires children’s creativity

Committed to nurturing and inspiring children’s creativity, Harbour City has invited Japanese children’s book artist Mr. Tomonori Taniguchi again, to create a series of fun, sensational story-themed adventures. From 17 October to 15 November, Harbour City will launch a series of unforgettable activities, including Art Exhibition, Story Hopscotch, “Create Your Own Story” worksheets, “Story Playground” Family Day Camp, “Zoologique” pop up store, to motivate and unleash kids’ creativity.

Creativity Inspiration at Exhibition & Story Hopscotch

Kids love to draw inspiration from real life, with great ideas coming from experiences they have had in the world around them! Harbour City transforms G/F, Ocean Terminal into Tomonori Taniguchi Art Exhibition, filled with his art pieces on the walls to foster kids’ imagination.

Kids are born eager to learn. We can nurture their curiosity by providing them with opportunities to explore. “A group of animals were heading to the amusement park on the opposite shore, but the strong wind capsized their boat and the animals all fell into the sea!” Let’s jump on the hopscotch and find out what will happen next!

From 17 October to 15 November, there will be a Story Hopscotch at Atrium, G/F, Ocean Terminal, to encourage kids to read the story on the ground, allow them to spark extraordinary magic moments of playing, and inspire their imaginative adventure. Furthermore, there will be Animals Scenery Boards at the Story Hopscotch, which will certainly attract the attention of kids!

Create Your Own Story!

Story writing is a great way for kids to exercise their imaginations and explore the reaches of their creativity! Tomonori Taniguchi specially designed three “Create Your Own Story” worksheets, which will be distributed every Saturday and Sunday nearby the Story Hopscotch, so that children can enjoy their creative time on-site. Parents can also download the worksheets online. Don’t forget to submit the work for a chance to join “Story Playground” Family Day Camp!

Download Now :

K1 – K3   P1 – P3  P4 – P6

JOIN Now! “Story Playground” Family Day Camp

The more the kids discover, the more they will create. Camping allows them to interact with other people and the environment. Harbour City will host “Story Playground” Family Day Camp at Ocean Terminal Deck, with fun-filled activities, including Lily’s story workshop, ACMEPRO’s learn-to-camp class, and “coffee” workshop.

There will be 6 tents decorated with Tomonori Taniguchi’s animal characters. All of these installations and decorations will create an atmosphere of joy and excitement. On 17 & 18 October, the camping setting will be opened to public for Selfie or capturing Instagram images.  Let’s complete the “Create Your Own Story” worksheet, get a chance to join the camp and receive cool freebies!

Story Playground” Family Day Camp details

Date: 24 & 25 Oct & 1,  7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22 November

Time: 12:30pm- 2:30pm

Venue:Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City

Participation Methods:

1. Complete the “Create Your Own Story” worksheet

2. Pay the application fee of HK$200

Register Now

“Zoologique” Pop up Store   Bring the story characters home

From 17 October to 15 November, there will be a “Zoologique” Pop-up Store every Saturday and Sunday. It will carry the thematic products of “Zoologique” by Tomonori Taniguchi, including stationery, pencil case, doll and T-shirt. Kids will definitely find their favourite toys and gifts here.

About Tomonori Taniguchi

Born in Osaka in 1978, Mr. Taniguchi started his career at the age of 20 when he first saw the Bologna Fiera Del Libro per Ragazzi. Majoring in Japanese paintings at Kanazawa Collage of Art, he learned several Japanese arts and has established his style which vividly intakes space and colour tone unique to Japanese paintings.