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Join us to hop on a summer journey to discover five unique high jewelry collections, all set to depart from Harbour City, where luxurious jewelry makers converge.  

Into the wilderness
Sunny days and clear skies make the perfect time for a summer expenditure into the wilderness. Boucheron’s Ailleurs Collection takes inspiration from myriads of essences from Mother Nature and elevates them into statement-making creations.

From the deserts to the oceans, the mountains to the rainforests, mixed worlds and materials together invite the wearers to step into a bewitching world.

The palette of beige and sand sets the tone for the Rotin Diamant Necklace Set. The suppleness of natural rattan fiber was set on a brass frame before a golden rod was inserted to maintain the structured silhouette like the rays of a dream-like desert.

Ailleurs Collection
Ailleurs Collection

Into the golden era

Travel back in time to the Renaissance with Italian jeweler Buccellati. The Vintage Collection has been curated through a painstaking study of over 20,000 original drawings, 500 molds, and more than 6,000 photographs archived – all date back to as early as the ‘40s.

The Vintage Collection stands the test of time and it is evident in the way it compliments any modern outfit effortlessly. The Non Ti Scordar Di Me brooch, for instance, makes an elegant and timeless canvas for the delicate rose-cut diamonds alternating with leaf-cut and engraved sapphires. The ramage motifs are a recurring theme that runs in the DNA. Together with other iconic elements, the collection is a testament to Buccellati’s stylistic revolution that spans half a century.

Each piece also comes with a certificate of guarantee that includes an image of the actual product and a copy of its original design, making it a truly heirloom-worthy piece to own.

Vintage Collection
Vintage Collection
Vintage Collection

Into the ocean

Synonymous with summer, soothing seas and lapping waves take center stage in Chaumet’s Ondes & Merveilles de Chaumet Collection.

Inspired by the seaside at Piscine Molitor of France and the ever-changing seascape and underwater treasure hunt, the À Fleur d’Eau transformable necklace in white gold turns the marquise diamonds into sparkling water drops. Set on several levels that mimic the ocean waves, the necklace appears to vibrate on fully articulated pieces decorated by a detachable 7.18-carat, pear-shaped diamond. The parure can also be worn as two brooches to perfectly adorn any looks.

Ondes & Merveilles de Chaumet

Into the heart of ancient Egypt

The fascinating and mysterious charm of ancient Egypt is what inspires MESSIKA’s Beyond The Light Collection. Through the purity of form and graphic lines, the pieces conduct a symphony subtly tinged with the Egyptian hypnotic mythology.

The Akh-Ba-Ka set illuminates the mystic range with its 15 exceptional gems cut from the same rough diamond of 110 carats. The retro-futuristic creation symbolizes vital energy and transformation from flight to the afterlife to transcend the magical aura.

Beyond The Light Collection - Akh Ba Ka set
Beyond The Light Collection - Move Iconica set

Into the dusk

Dive deep into a night full of adventures with the Solstice Collection by Piaget. It is a celebration of bright color palettes that are made for a nighttime extravaganza.

The Precious Adornment necklace gracefully shimmers like a nightgown fluttering in the summer breeze. The Extravagant Touch watch, meanwhile, recreates the fluid movement of the brand’s Haute-Couture silhouettes with the brilliant tourbillon. The dazzling feathers of the timepiece can also be worn as earrings.

Piaget’s inherent focus on precious stones also shines through the collection – from the blue and pink sapphires from Sri Lanka and Madagascar, to the Australian black opals and unique Zambian emeralds, all radiate boldness and brimming energy.  

Solstice Collection

Make your way to Harbour City to get up close and personal as you admire the stunning craftsmanship of these story-telling high jewelry pieces.

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