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The new Spring-Summer 2022 Collection is an ode to freedom, femininity and LOVE. The one that drives us and makes us dream, “amour” with a capital A. Whether passionate, romantic or wild, Suncoo accompanies us on carefree and poetic escapades. Between delicate floral prints, a vibrant chromatic palette and fluid and airy fabrics: the promise of endless love in all its forms.


This first theme promises us a trip into the capital of love and romanticism: Paris. The authentic and nostalgic Paris of yesteryear, where time stands still. Between its picturesque gardens which bloom in the first rays of the sun, its authentic bistros where the smell of coffee captivates us, its pedestrian streets hiding architectural treasures… Suncoo reinterprets love in the city, the distinguished love with delicate floral prints and elegant geometric patterns. Colors are captivating, a vibrant vitamin-enriched geranium illuminates a wardrobe dominated by different shades of green (from meadow green to sea green). Mauve brings touches of sweetness and reverie. Vintage-inspired floral prints breathe an air of nostalgia. We are lulled by the satin and the softness of the airy and evanescent pieces which caress the skin and come alive to the rhythm of Summer walks. Ruffles and touches of lace take us a little deeper into this Parisian getaway, between nostalgia, carelessness and softness. At night fall, the locker room is more rock with carbon denim pieces and revisited tie-dye with lurex notes.

Suncoo immerses us into a sunny locker room with voluptuousness and sensuality. In short, the definition of passionate love, Italian love. The collection resonates like a hymn to the Dolce Vita, to happiness, to the jovial and warm atmosphere of Italy. With its heady scents of wisteria, oranges and lemon trees, bursts of laughter, the bright color of its flowers as far as the eye can see, the sweetness of time, fullness. We discover a tangy shades wardrobe, from electric blue to blood red through candy pink and vibrant fuchsia. Flowing fabrics accentuate floral patterns and reflect the rays of the sun. Open backs are dizzying, and cuts hug the silhouette to play on sensuality and subtlety. Summer knits are openwork and close to the body, in a delicious candy pink. A few touches of lace and embroidery stand out on bright white pieces and breathe a deceptively candid air into this wardrobe. All contrasted by denim pieces, 90s signature and a revisited tweed twinset for elegance and sophistication. Italian love in all its forms.


Under a radiant sun and its almost stifling heat, in the middle of rocky and steep reliefs, Suncoo makes us live a wild love with a cloakroom punctuated by a palette of mineral colors. Shades of ocher, khaki, beige, terra cotta and ocean blue merge together in voluminous and airy pieces designed in natural fabrics. It is wild love in the true sense of the word, with exotic flowers that make us dream of escape, revisited leopard patterns and a powerful and contemporary print which highlights nature and its riches by evoking the reliefs of stones agate or the earth’s surface. Pieces, both feminine and comfortable, assert ultra-bohemian silhouettes: play of ruffles on light tops and bare shoulders long dresses which reveal the tanned skin.


Her heeled mules in hand, she walks along the coast, being lulled by the sound of the waves breaking on the golden and warm sand. This idyll ends on a beach looking like a lost paradise. Summery silhouette show bright and vibrant colors mixing in color block style. The light and subtly transparent fabrics are worn next to the skin. Details are feminine and sophisticated and bring to some outfits a ceremonial appearance: games of gathers and pleats, airy pleats, feminine backless. She wears sometimes a long vaporous dress or a powder pink twinset. Multifaceted pieces, which accompany us throughout the day to enjoy the last rays of the sun, to admire the sun moving away and disappearing from the horizon into a calm and peaceful ocean…


SUNCOO, born in 2010 from the encounter of two connoisseurs, Stella and Thomas, injects a whole lot of freedom into the female wardrobe. The collections accompany women in their everyday life, making them even more beautiful. SUNCOO woman is free, elegant and adventurous, both in life and in her style. Her high standards have become a real lifestyle. Her wardrobe is composed of styles that reflect her personality and give her the energy she needs on a daily basis. She is the perfect ambassador of legendary, effortless-chic style.

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