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Led by sushi master Hisayoshi Iwa and his protege Tsukasa Kaneko, Sushi Hisayoshi is now open in Harbour City. As with his Michelin-starred venue in Ginza, Sushi Hisayoshi Chef Iwa and his team showcase the best seafood from all around Japan, with four omakase menus available for Hong Kong diners to experience high-quality ingredients prepared with expert techniques.

Inspired by renowned Chef Sensei Shinji Kanesaka-san and Senpai Takashi Saito-san, Chef Iwa is a celebrated sushi master who spent over a decade training at a number of Ginza’s best sushi restaurants. In 2012, he opened his own restaurant, Ginza Iwa, which was promptly bestowed with a coveted Michelin star. In addition to his culinary nous, Chef Iwa ensures that the kitchens he oversees use only the highest quality ingredients available. Fresh fish is purchased from trusted suppliers in Tsukiji, Kyushu, Shikoku and Hokkaido every day, and is then freshly air-freighted to Hong Kong to ensure that Chef Iwa’s quality standards are consistently maintained.

As a protege of Chef Iwa, Chef Tsukasa Kaneko underwent rigorous training under his mentor’s guidance. During his training, Kaneko would spend his days absorbing the knowledge Chef Iwa was imparting, and harness this wisdom to cultivate his own cooking style and philosophy.  “Chefs must stick to their own methods, strictly adhere to their philosophy, and integrate their independent beliefs into what they prepare. I’m proud to ensure the high standards of my mentor, Chef Iwa as we present a refined omakase experience to Hong Kong diners,” says Chef Kaneko.

Menus at Sushi Hisayoshi will feature eight signature dishes of Chef Iwa, with each representing the refined quality of Japanese dining. One must-try masterpiece is the Fermented Oo-toro. Reminiscing Japanese preservation techniques from the times before refrigerator was invented, the marinated Oo-toro is aged for two weeks in a custom-made maturation cabinet from Japan to make the umami more prominent. Lightly seared over charcoal, the resulting Ootoro is an umami-laden delight with a subtle char flavour rounding out the salty marinated fish.


Shirako Tempura in White Wine Sauce is another highlight, which sees white cod milt tempura mixed with white wine, cream and butter, and topped with black truffles for a lasting and memorable finish. Soft-Braised Octopus uses an intriguing technique to create its delicate texture and mild flavour profile — the octopus is soft-boiled and then frozen, before being cooked with radish.


Monkfish Liver, meanwhile, can be enjoyed two ways: braised with red wine to balance out its natural sweetness, and slow-cooked in bonito broth to add an edge of smokiness. Marinated Scabbardfish is grilled over charcoal fire, the resulting bite is smooth and tender, and a perfect match with a cup of sake. Other must-try signatures include Red Sea Bream and Baby Tuna, all prepared using Chef Iwa’s recipes.


Enhancing the exquisite omakase experience is the contemporary, minimalist design of Sushi Hisayoshi. The work of acclaimed interior designer Junzo Irikado, who designed award-winning Japanese restaurants around the world such as the two-Michelin-starred Sushi Saito in Hong Kong, the dining room makes use of space and clean lines to create an elegant and quiet ambience. The focal point of the dining room is the impressive 30-seat sushi counter, a stunning piece constructed from 250-year-old Japanese cypress Hinoki.

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