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Amelia, the celebrated Michelin-starred restaurant from San Sebastián, has opened its doors in Harbour City, presenting Hong Kong’s gourmands with a monthly-evolving menu of modern European cuisine imbued with Italian finesse.

As an award-winning chef with a multi-national exposure and cultural upbringing, Amelia’s Founder and Executive Chef Paulo Airaudo strives to create personal and one-of-a-kind culinary journeys with his far-reaching vision. Airaudo’s bold and progressive approach earned a Michelin star for Amelia within just six months of its opening in San Sebastián. Amelia Hong Kong is a continuation of Airaudo’s culinary philosophy, where he presents an innovative and contemporary dining experience that makes the new harbourfront restaurant a must-try destination for the city’s food lovers.

“I love playing with different cooking techniques and simple ingredients. Amelia’s dishes are neat, clean and minimal – a single ingredient can be puréed, sliced or pickled to portray different textures and flavours. I hope that at Amelia Hong Kong, guests are also able to have as much fun on their culinary journey as we have created for them,” says Airaudo.

Beef and Oysters Tartare/Pickled Mustard Seeds/Rye Bread
Free Range Chicken/Jerusalem Artichoke/Apple

Not-to-be-missed dishes include Beef and Oysters Tartare/Pickled Mustard Seeds/Rye Bread, a classic pairing that whets the appetite with intertwined elements of acidity and spiciness, coupled with crispy rye chips to add texture. Free Range Chicken/Jerusalem Artichoke/Apple, meanwhile, plays with textural and flavour elements for a cleverly balanced and well-rounded dish.

Home Made Bread/Butter/Bone Marrow
Caviar/Banana/Rum Ice Cream

Two of Amelia San Sebastián’s signatures also arrive in Hong Kong: Home Made Bread/Butter/Bone Marrow presents a roasted and generously sized bone that pairs perfectly with the housemade bread, while Caviar/Banana/Rum Ice Cream is Airaudo’s iconic dessert, an intriguing plate that echoes the celebrated chef’s bold and playful culinary approach.

Amelia’s wine programme features over 200 selections, which allows wine lovers to create their own tasting journey. Amelia’s in-house sommelier, Jordan CORTES ALVAREZ, will also be on hand to provide recommendations. Jordan comes to Amelia backed by his 18 years of experience working in famed dining institutions including Spain, UK and Thailand.

Occupying an ample harbourfront space boasting 130 seats, Amelia invites guests to embark on a fun, playful and intimate dining journey in a relaxed setting with modest prices.

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