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“The Forest” Joint Exhibition@Harbour City

15 Aug, 2023

Deep within everyone’s heart lies a mysterious forest of the inner self, where vibrant blossoms bloom, venomous snakes slither, intertwining vines tangle, and much more secretive unknown hides beneath the shade. Venturing into this forest to discover the intricate true self requires unparalleled bravery. Through 27 captivating and stylistically diverse artworks, 8 courageous artists from 3 different places unveil their self-discovery odysseys in “The Forest” Joint Exhibition at Gallery by the Harbour from 16 to 27 August 2023, encouraging the audience to confront their own inner selves.

The 8 artists, Pucky and Vin from Hong Kong, ODOM; JD Wang, fufufanny, Eggzy Lin and Robin Huang from Taiwan; and Tos Suntos from Thailand, are hosting their first joint exhibition in Hong Kong. The exhibition features a collection of brand-new artworks tailored to the theme, including 20 acrylic paintings and 7 artistic sculptures. This exhibition also showcases 8 distinctive artistic styles, offering a panoramic view that spans from shadowy strangeness to adorable whimsicality and dreamlike vibrancy. On the other hand, the artists’ latest art toys are available for purchase at the exhibition, giving an invaluable opportunity for collectors. A wide selection of exquisite art-inspired pins is also available there for sale, presenting a fusion of art and fashion.

The Artists’ Favourite Artworks at the Exhibition:

Earth of My Heart

acrylic painting by Pucky

Pucky aims to evoke the connection between humankind and the earth and express her reverence through this painting. We were born on earth to experience the seasons of life. The earth, as our mother, presents us with both struggles to survive and heart-warming support. No matter what happens, we will eventually merge into one with the earth.

Merry Berry

acrylic painting by Vin

In this artwork, Vin seeks to highlight the duality of the universe: in every shade of black, a counterpart of white emerges; for each Yin, a corresponding Yang entwines. In fact, they are much like the opposite sides of the same coin.


acrylic painting by ODOM

To ODOM, the creative process is a dialogue with his inner self, through which he brings his thoughts and imaginations to life, whether they are tangible or intangible. Just like BOBRAY created his friend SNOWMAN, who played with him in that specific time and space.

Chef’s Table: Forest Cabin

acrylic painting by JD Wang

Is it trying to eat the forest cottage to survive, or eat the animals so that it can build a cottage? JD Wang had no absolute answer in mind as he created this artwork. Instead, he hopes the audience will generate their own thoughts while they look into the painting.


acrylic painting by fufufanny

As fufufanny dedicated time to closely observe ants, she found herself caught in the illusion of gaining a deeper understanding of the ants’ world. Then she pondered, “How do ants perceive those who observe them?” To further contemplate, what kind of an existence are we as humans from the perspectives of creatures in the forest?

Night Camp

acrylic painting by Eggzy Lin

The inspiration for this painting is drawn from Eggzy Lin’s experience of making a fire during a night camp. He had to control the fire so as to balance the need for warmth and the risk of causing a wildfire. This conflict made him contemplate how to maintain one’s true self within limited space, the same as how one strives to survive without harming the surrounding environment.

I come from peace

acrylic painting by Robin Huang

Being deeply passionate about plant culture, Robin Huang always imagines how interesting it would be if a plant civilization took over humanity. This painting illustrates the scene where Copiapoa arrives on Earth. Its unique appearance, resembling aliens, reminds him of his first encounter with a cactus, which shattered his stereotypical thoughts associated with cacti.

Who is your leader?

acrylic painting by Tos Suntos

To venture into the forest, Tos Suntos believes that we can conquer every obstacle if we work as a team. A leader is needed to guide the team in the right direction. We always want to choose an ideal leader and place our hope in him/her. However, a leader can be either good or bad, and the luck we receive can be solely from ourselves. So, let’s just wish ourselves luck on this new journey.

“The Forest” Joint Exhibition

Date: 16 – 27 August 2023

Time: 11am – 10pm

Venue: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)