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“The Girl Who Fell from Space” @Harbour City
Pucky’s First Solo Art Exhibition in Hong Kong

31 Aug, 2022

Have you ever thought if aliens or other living creatures exist in outer space where humans have not fully explored? Pucky, the imaginative artist who is enthusiastic towards the unknown universe, is well-known for her “Pucky” toy character. Recently, Pucky has picked up her paintbrush again, and began dedicating herself to the art world she is so passionate about. She has created a series of art pieces from her new discoveries in the past few years, which reveals a more abstract and surreal technique.  

Gallery by the Harbour hosts Pucky’s First Solo Art Exhibition in Hong Kong “The Girl Who Fell from Space” from 1 to 25 September, debuting 15 brand new abstract paintings and 14 sketches. She wishes to connect the inner souls of the audience through her canvas. By projecting yourself into the paintings, you can feel the strong vital energy that Pucky wants to convey. A series of limited-edition premiums are also available in the exhibition.


Brand New Style and Creative Concept – the Abstract, but Vibrant Paintings

Apart from creating toy characters, Pucky expresses herself through painting where she finds her own peace while converting her emotions into art pieces through the drops of colourful paints. In a spiritual experience, Pucky connected with the ideas of an ancient civilization called Lemuria, which gave her inspiration to explore the mystery of this mythical land through her artworks in this exhibition. Pucky would feel the flowing energy surrounding the air and calm her mind by doing meditation, which also inspires her to transform her creativity into art works.   

Different from her previous styles more focused on Art Toy characters, these new paintings from “The Girl Who Fell from Space” do not have a fixed character or a scripted backstory.  It is up to the viewer to interpret the energy each painting represents.  The art form is abstract, but it is vibrant at the same time, in which you can feel the energy that Pucky wants to convey, like a magnet drawing you closer with the strong colour contrasts.

“The Girl Who Fell from Space” Debuts 15 Artworks, 14 sketches and Limited-Edition Premiums

Pucky has created 15 new paintings in abstract form for her first-ever solo exhibition in Hong Kong. “Goddess #1-Ra” is her favourite piece that includes bright and colourful paints. It depicts the flow of the spirit through the universe’s power; this energy can then be transferred to the viewer. At the same time, 14 sketches & a series of limited-edition premiums such as tote bags, postcard sets, A4 folders, pins and stickers are also available for sale at the exhibition. If you are a collector of Pucky’s Art Toys, don’t miss out on the exclusive pre-order of “Antenna Girl” Limited Edition Art Toy!

Highlighted Artworks and Premiums:  

Goddess #1-Ra
《Girl from Mercury》
Sketch 8
“Antenna Girl” Art Edition

Pucky was born in 1986 and grew up between the two cultures of Hong Kong and Canada. In 2008, she graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and soon after returned to Hong Kong to pursue her career as an artist. Pucky devoted the earlier years of her career into developing her brand in the art toy world. In recent years, she has returned to the fine art world with the birth of a new, unique and illusory painting style. Through her works, Pucky expresses the strong life energies of light and darkness; in which she wishes to establish a spiritual connection with her audience.