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Italian luxury brand, Tod’s to unveil a short movie, titled Sounds of a Planet, for its 2020 Autumn Winter collection, which takes place in a small laundry shop, with brand ambassador, actress Nana Eikura, in the lead role. Director Tomokazu Yamada is known for his music video work with various artists and has directed numerous TV commercial films. The young lady who works at the dry cleaner’s, played by Eikura, has a mysterious experience that feels like something straight out of a daydream.

Director Yamada says he focused on Tod’s approach to crafting goods, and wanted to show Tod’s products and the world they represent centered around the story and characters. Using the tradition and craftsmanship of crafting goods carried on by Tod’s as a foundation, he showcases the intertwinings of people made possible by a pair of shoes. Nice sounds come from nice people, starting an exchange between people with wonderful hearts.

The unique customers that show up at the dry cleaner’s are wearing the first collection by Tod’s new creative director, Walter Chiapponi. The highest quality material and craftsmanship that are hallmarks of the brand have been updated to a classic modern Italian style that is full of elegance. Basic while also expressing classiness, the coordinated overall looks of the apparel, bags, and shoes is a must-see.

Short movie: Sounds of a Planet

Director: Tomokazu Yamada

Cast: Nana Eikura, Mari Azuma, Chiaki Hatakeyama, Keigo Okazaki, Setako

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