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From 4 December 2020 to 3 January 2021, Gallery by the Harbour presents “Gallery by the Harbour” Presents “Together We’re Happy” The Smurfs Art Exhibition. The Smurfs, the world-renowned Belgian comic characters that embody camaraderie and teamwork, is making an appearance with the exclusive “99+1” art installation at the Gallery. A series of limited-edition Hong Kong-themed collectibles are also available, including the “Manuscript × Hong Kong × Art” Limited Art Prints, “The Nostalgic Hong Kong” Collection Figures, and “The Smurfs × Love Hong Kong” Stamp Sets (issued by the Hongkong Post).

“99+1” Smurfs Art Figures


A total of 99 Smurfs, along with the Smurfette, will be greeting us in the form of an installation full of exquisite art figures. Apart from having a unique name and certificate, each and every Smurfs figure is paired up with accessories including musical instruments, cameras, and skateboards etc. The meticulous colouring is done entirely by hand, creating a variety of delicate texture that reveals each Smurf’s charm.

 “SPLASH! Black: Gold x Silver Special Edition” debuts on 20 December!

From 20 December onwards, a brand new global art collection “SPLASH! Black: Gold x Silver Special Edition” are available the at the Exhibition. The dynamic metallic gold and silver splashes on Matte black spray Smurfs figures creates a dramatic contrast, represents the sparks of hope that tear away the darkness within.

The “SPLASH! Black: Gold x Silver Special Edition” comprises two versions, Gold Splash on Black and Silver Splash on Black. Each version is limited to 50 editions globally, numbered and with a certificate of authenticity. Carefully crafted and painted by hand, every single one is a unique collectable item for art collectors or Smurf enthusiasts.

“Manuscript × Hong Kong × Art” Limited Art Prints


In this exhibition, 10 art prints developed from manuscripts are selected to be displayed while 10 new prints would be specifically created for the occasion. The new prints are infused with Hong Kong characteristics and artistic elements, including Pop Art, and Cyanotype, and more to create a series of art prints enriched with classics and creativity. Each valuable art print is limited to 20 copies and comes with an official certificate and edition number.

“The Nostalgic Hong Kong” Collection Figures


Smurfs is here to travel around every corner of Hong Kong with you. You could sit back and watch a movie of your favourite kung-fu star, then take a rickshaw ride to a Chaa Chaan Teng to have a cup of milk tea, meet with the Beauty Queen Smurfette in cheongsam and take her to sail on the Star Ferry to experience the beauty of the Victoria Harbour.

First launched in 2016, the PVC version was an instant favourite. This time, we have prepared 160 wood-carved figures, re-creating the classic Kung-Fu style with nunchaku along with an official certificate. Surely the stuff of dreams for toys fans.

Smurf × Hong Kong Merchandise

Local Hong Kong traits including dim sum, milk tea, Star Ferry, pawn shop signs, and kung-fu etc., are incorporated into our designs for a series of Smurfs collectibles, including figures, stamps, t-shirts, pins and tote bags. The scenes of Belgian characters travelling around in Hong Kong will make visitors feel at home.

“Together We’re Happy” Smurfs Art Exhibition

Venue: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)
Date: 4 December, 2020 – 3 January, 2021